Monday, February 10, 2014

Sister Waverli Lindmeir Happy Valentines!

Last week was one of the best weeks i have had on my mission so far! It was filled with so many miraculous miracles!!!
A few months ago, an Apostle of the Lord, Elder Ballard came and spoke to the whole Washington Kennewick Mission. He gave us this promise " i promise all of you, that if you open your mouth and talk to 70 new people each week you WILL double the amount of investigators you have in your teaching pool and your baptisms will double also." This promise has changed my mission so far because as me and my companion strive to talk to 70 new people each week is when we find the most investigators and when we see the most miracles!
Last week we set a goal to talk to 70 new people and find four new investigators! which meant lots of tracting! On Friday sister meyers and i were looking for the perfect spot to tract. we were driving kind of slow so we could scout out the perfect spot and this truck was right on the butt of our car so we turned onto this street so they would stop driving so close to us and i told Sister Meyers that this looked like a good street to tract on. she said okay and how about we start on that house at the beginning of the street, i said okay! so we knock on this door and this 20's year old guy answers the door ands seems very intersted in what we say and lets us in and we teach him and his little sister the restoration! they loved it and said we could come back! we keep tracting on this street after that and we found a few potential investigators and then the very last door that we knocked on a girl answered the door and said that she is very interested in learning more about what we teach and she actually said that her dad is a member of the church and he wants to start coming back again. she also said that there is 14 kids in there family and they said we could come back and teach them! we have a lesson tonight with them!
Over, over, and over again i see that whenever you set a goal on your mission or just in life, if it is a good goal, an accomplishable goal, and a goal that is reachable and attainable but makes you stretch, and if you have faith and work like you are going to accomplish the goal. The Lord is going to do everything he can to help you to reach your goal. Last week we found exactly four new investigators and we talked to 84 new people. I know that Gods hands are in every aspect of our lives. I know he wants whats best for us and he wants to helps us but most of all i know he loves us!
i hope all of you have an amazing week and a great Valentines day!

Love, Sister Lindmeir :)

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