Friday, November 22, 2013

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

We had such an amazing miracle! i am not sure if you all remember but every monday we have been teaching the Delgado Family. Susie the Mom is a less active member since 17 years old and the daughters Michelle and Natalie are 13 and 15 years old and they are not members. When sister fletcher and i found out that we were going to be together for at least one more transfer together, we wanted to make a goal of what we wanted to accomplish in these next six weeks together. we both agreed that our goal and focus for this transfer were to help Michelle and Natalie make it to the waters of baptism. to accomplish this we decided that every single prayer we were going to say, we were going to pray for them. we did this two weeks straight and oh boy did it work!!! last week on monday we had this amazing lesson with them. we talked about how life is a like a hike and we gave them things that they needed in this hike to help them, like a compass representing the holy ghost and a band aid representing Christ and how he is always going to be there when you fall and pick you back up and heal you. we also said that the first step you take before you go on this hike is baptism and it's just the first thing you do before you is go one this big hike. the hike represents the journey of life. i am not sure if this makes sense on how it is sounding but i wish you all were there. it was so cool and the spirit was so strong and so we decided to ask them if the wanted to Follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized? Before we could finish the whole question they both said YES!!! They are both getting baptized this Saturday! what is so cool about this too is that many missionaries have tried to get in with the Delgados to try and teach them but Susie has never let them in and has never even let her visiting teachers come and teach her or even talk to her! the whole ward is stunned that we have been able to get in. we thought this was pretty exciting! we are so excited for this Saturday, these two girls are so amazing and we love them so much and i am so grateful that i got to be part of bringing them closer to Christ.
i  also learned a valuable lesson from this. if you ask God and do your part, in working hard, following the spirit, being obedient, and praying with you whole heart in faith. he will bring about miracles!
I hope everyone is doing sooooooo amazing and i love you all!
Love, Sister Lindmeir

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