Friday, November 22, 2013

Elder Marcus Lindmeir

HOWDIEE! family!!!! wow its good to hear from you! awh i love the ties you got me!!!!!!! THERE LEGIT! sounds like everyone is doing awesome, its nice to know josh finally got married. that's fun you get to hang with grandma tell her i say HI! this week was a very wonderful blessed week. we saw many miracles that have really helped me and motivated me to work harder. the work here is really speeding up now with elder moolenbeek, because he know how to plan smarter, hes slower that elder board i mean by alot but with the smarts and my speed we get it done. our investigators are progressing very well. we have had some wonderful spiritual messages from them.
we taught Adrian twice this week, and is really working hard to know if the book of Mormon is true, he told us he wants to read the whole book in the next 3 weeks. i gave him props (that will be 1 more time than me) haha. him and his daughters really are starting to love church and the gospel. on Saturday we taught them about prophets and shared a Thomas. S Monson talk with them on there tv, they loved it.
we met a man named Alpancho, like the actor. hes in his 50s and we shared the first lesson, the restoration, and we invited him to be baptised, he said yes but he has alot of work to do haha (drug addict) we picked up victor again hes quiting drugs and really working hard to stop doing coke.
funny story: we were eating at the calas family outside when a sketchy old man comes up and is holding a box of donuts and says" why don't you take a donut?" he has like a pirate accent. " you can have 2 or 1 whatever you like" I'm laughing and then he looks right at me and says " why are you Mormons so particular" i was confused because honestly i don't remember what that even means. he goes on to say " i mean your creepier then me" and this whole time hes like grunting as hes talking. there are some weird people but i took 2 of his donuts and ate them.
dad and mom I'm going to have to show you how to make real Mexican food. with real jalapenos, we eat carnasada like everyday with full jalapenos, my immune system for spice has like tripled its awesome. but there are still some home made mexican salsas i cant eat a bunch of they make your ears ring. and you feel high. like if you were smoking weed, well i think that's what you would feel like.
really loving the mission its awesome were having a great time!!! i love it! love you all so much keep up the good work!!!!!!!
love elder lindmeir!

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