Tuesday, November 26, 2013


good job shivani you passed, how much did you have to pay? ha ha I'm sorry that was mean I'm sure your a great driver. thank you so much for the letter i got, and the Christmas ornaments, yes there were many tears shed that night. i scared my companion i think. tell the ward that i love them all! what a great ward we have. sounds like fun going to Vegas!!!!! party central, don't party too hard.
this week was awesome!!! just a successful week!!! had great lessons met with some awesome people, like one time we were walking and a sketchy old guy came out of a bush, right off the sidewalk and we started to talk to him saying like" wow man were did you come from?" and he said " from the bushes" i started laughing and a little confused and i asked "seriously?" and he said "yeah man, theres a whole group of us were called the bush people" and then i found out that people actually live in these bushes, it was kinda strange and funny, so watch out for the bush people.
we have had some awesome lessons lately and our numbers are going up its great! loving it, my favorite thing right now about missionary work is actually the studies I've been having and how much awesome stuff you can find in the scriptures its scary. we have a member that just came back from his mission like 3 years ago hes supper rich and hes going less active and we have been stopping by to teach him and as we do, he just stumps us with the hardest deepest doctrine questions, that we didn't know, and i guess when he served right after he taught institute and i guess all he studies is deep doctrine, its scary the stuff he knows... yeah i don't want to know that much the simpler the better.
we have had just an awesome week, everything is great my companion is very slow. i mean slower than a 300 pound twelve year old girl, its kinda sad, but i love it because I'm really learning how to be patient and so far so good i haven't snapped or anything, when we run we usually walk for 30min but no one can be perfect, hes a great companion, before he to sanmarcos he  served in Carlsbad right on the beach, he was what we like to call a Pile. in other words a really lazy missionary, he used to sleep until like 12 in after noon and stay at members homes for hours, but its all changed and he loves working hard! its legit! hes really awesome at teaching and inviting the spirit so we work good together.
I'm loving it here!!!! love you all so much!!!! keep it up!
elder lindmeir

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