Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Hey Family!
 Last week not much happened because my companion was sick for a couple days but i learned two really cool lessons! so for the past two weeks i have really struggled when teaching lessons! each time it would be my turn to talk during a lesson, i would forget what i was going to say and when it would try to come out, the flow would be choppy. This was really hard for me to understand why because i have been studying the lessons, reading the scriptures, and being perfectly obedient. i couldn't understand why, if i was doing my part in studying, why wouldn't the Holy ghost tell me "in the very hour, yea the very second which i would say". i was getting all beat up about this and i kept on thinking what am i doing wrong. what am i doing to not have the spirit with me? as i was thinking about this and praying about this. The scripture Ether 12:27 kept coming to my mind "And if men come unto me i will show unto them their weakness. i give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient  for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will i make weak things become strong unto them." The Lord as i kept studying and coming closer unto him showed me my weakness, to humble me, and to make that weakness into a strength! what is really cool about this too as i was thinking about this scripture Marcus sent me a letter saying that he has been thinking about this scripture alot and that it is one of his favorites! crazy huh??!! even though we are far away from each other! we think a like :)
Another lesson that i learned this week is that i have grown so much in just three months of being on a mission! Last week i talked to everyone that i saw and i was not scared at all how weird or awkward the question i was asking! which is crazy for me! because i get so awkward and embarrassed at what i say but not last week! it was really cool! Sister Fletcher turned to me last week and said she was so proud of me. she was just so amazed that i could talk to everyone! Talking to people that i don't know has always been a weakness for me and i have really turned to the Lord to help me turn this into a strength< and it is working!
I just know that if all of you turn to the Lord and show unto him your weaknesses, and you do your part, he will turn your weaknesses into strengths! Hope everyone is doing well!
Love, Sister Lindmeir

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