Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Aloha Team!!!!
Sorry that there was no email last week, but I was enjoying visiting the beautiful DC!!! We had great fun visiting the Smithsonian Museums and Georgetown Cupcakes :). I had a delicious gluten-free cupcake!!! And because of the holiday yesterday, we are emailing today :). These past few weeks have been really incredible and I am very much loving every minute of them!!! Some of the Highlights have included:

  • Halloween!!! We could not proselyte in the evening so we spent the night with our zone! We were pigging out on junk food and watching Disney movies! We watched Monsters University and Mulan!!! Mulan was my pick, but no one else wanted to watch it! My companion and I set up our own TV and watched it in the Church and it has never meant so much to me! I was very emotional during the move; it spoke right to my soul. Sister Clegg and I felt so empowered by it!
  • We went to the Temple Visitors Center with Star and it was so neat!!! We watch the Restoration and we also went into the front entrance of the Temple. Star felt the Spirit so strong. He said that he has never felt so much peace before. We told him after he is baptized on December 21st, he can go inside!!! He is soooo excited for his baptism that he has been telling everyone about it!!! He is so great!!!
  • Semmi (Star's good friend) is also progressing real quickly. She is praying about the right date for her to be baptized!
  • We went to the Temple yesterday (Monday) morning. The drive over there was so beautiful because of all the trees! I learned so much in the Temple yesterday and it was a really neat experience.
  • Also, for Preparation day yesterday, we did Zone crafts (that was my idea). It was really fun and I think everyone enjoyed it! We had a Turkey making competition. I made a cute, giant turkey!!!
  • Lastly, I will be on facebook today and will be using that as a way to share the Gospel. I have been waiting for this day for so long! I am looking forward to being able to not only share the Gospel with people in VA, but I can share it with anyone around the world!!!
Have a great week!!!
Sister Lindmeir

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