Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Elder Lindmeir

wassuppp!!!!! everybody!! aw what a great week its been!!! 70 degrees everyday with a cool ocean breeze!!!! you cant beat that!!! hhaaha I'm sorry that was mean, its probably cold and nasty in Utah right now. but i still like Utah more than Cali, there are alot of mountains here i didn't even know that.
i got the package you sent me mom thank you so much! the ties are fantastic!!!!! i have like 20 ties now, i am very happy. for p-day today were going to go to nordstroms rack and check out there clothes ill probably buy a pair of pants or something, but ill make sure it will be a good deal!
my new companion is elder moolenbeek, hes Canadian! hes from ottawa, he speaks french too, he looks like Landon!!!! its scary. he is supper rich and buys like everything so im kinda of excited he might buy me something hehehe. me and him have been getting along so well! honestly we both work hard hes funny and we just have a blast, Ive really learned how to have fun and work hard and have to spirit, its AWESOME!!!! he is a musician and has a voice of an angel, i was like " elder you have to teach me how to sing!" and he said " you cant " it crushed my dreams for a second but then i laughed. but i am getting better i sing alot and listen to motab!!!! all day everyday! there bomb first time i have ever listened to them has been on my misison.
funny story we picked up a new investigator ? and shared the restoration lesson with her and after we were finished and was ready for the closing prayer she put out her hands and he grabbed it for the prayer and then she started to yell but not yelling English but in tongues! i couldn't understand her and she was shaking her body just speaking some random language that doesn't even exist, me and elder moolenbeek looked at each other and just started busting up laughing, but holding it in as long as we could, it was awesome!

we have had some awesome spiritual lessons this week and my testimony has grown so much, and wow the book of Mormon has some deep deep i mean deep stuff in it its really crazy! i love it!!!! Ive learned so much already and its filled a part of me and has made me a better person. i love it so much and i love you guys so much! mom keep up the good work, you wonderful i love you to death! and the rest of you clown keep up the good work love you all!!!

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