Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy Fall :)

Hi Friends!
This past week was a very exciting one! It was full of so many miracles! I am loving every second of it out here!! I just Love Heavenly Father!!!
And great news! I am staying in Colonial 1st another transfer with Sister Clegg. This will be the first time on my mission that I will be with a companion longer than a transfer. I am really excited, but kind of nervous. I like change and it helps me progress! But I love this ward and I love Sister Clegg; so I am excited!
We have facebook now (as you probably have noticed). But isn't it so exciting?!! We spend an hour a day on facebook! In that time, we can work with people out here, at home, or wherever!!! It is so great! We go to the library to use computers, but we are getting our very own IPADS to proselyte with. They will have our planners and area books on them. They should be coming in December!

All of our investigators are Chinese except Nicole, who is a roommate to many of our members. She has been so prepared and is soaking everything in! We taught her about the Plan of Happiness last time and she said that it just makes sense to her. She especially loved that we believe that the Fall of Adam was part of Heavenly Father's Plan. The Spirit was so strong in the lesson and she said, "I don't know why, but I feel like my heart is open and believes it is true". What he didn't tell her is that is what we prayed for before the lesson with her :). We have a lesson with her tonight and I am so excited!

There was a baptism on Sunday of a Chinese investigator in another Ward. We brought 3 of our investigators to the baptism and they loved it! There was a Chinese Musical number and the Spirit was so strong. Our investigators loved it and are excited to get baptized!!!
Yesterday, we had 5 investigators come to church (Star, Semmi, Legion, Jean and Brooke) and 2 Potential Investigators! It was amazing and a bit overwhelming! Luckily, our members were able to help us out! Sister Clegg and I started this new excel program for working with members to help investigators have an uplifting experience at church. It has been very successful and now our Mission President has found out and wants all the missionaries to start using it! It is very exciting!
Often times, we are too hard on ourselves. I am disappointed in myself all the time! When I am late for an appointment. When I say the wrong thing in a lesson. When I forget a name. When I sleep through the alarm. But in those times, I have forgotten the big picture. That is that through Jesus Christ, we can become better each day. As we follow him and access his atonement we can grow and change!
Lorenzo Snow said it perfectly when he said,“Do not expect to become perfect at once. If you do, you will be disappointed. Be better today than you were yesterday, and be better tomorrow than you are today.”
Let's all remember to not be hard on ourselves, but strive to be better tomorrow!!!

Sister Lindmeir

I received this pictures and a sweet note today in my email
Dear Sister Lindmeir,

I had the privilege of visiting with your daughter a few days ago as I toured the Washington DC South Mission.

She is very happy and loving her mission. She loves the work!  She is doing an excellent job in helping her junior companion.  President Riggs is very proud of her and she is an example to other missionaries.

Thank you for raising a good daughter. May The Lord continue to bless your family. 

Elder Michael Teh

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