Monday, November 4, 2013

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Hey Family!
GUESS WHAT??!!!!!!!!! I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED TO.......... CANADA!!! hahaha just kidding i am staying in Wenatchee with Sister Fletcher for at least six more weeks! which makes me so happy because she is such an amazing missionary and we have a lot of great things going on! k we get a text from some changes were made though. we are now only covering the  Columbia hills ward instead of the eastmont and columbia hills. i am a little sad but now we can really focus on helping the columbia hills ward.
some of the amazing things that are going on in this area is we got six more investigators last week and they are so awesome! they were are referrals from people!
Last week we get a text from a bishop from moses lake to go see this lady named judy and her daughter sarah that just moved into our ward boundaries. so we go to her house and  knock on her door. when she opens the door, she asks us did the bishop send you here? and we said yes and she let us in! we started talking to her and she knows the bishop because she has worked with him for many years. Judy recently just got through a divorce and had one of her sons pass away. she told us that at work the bishop would talk to her a lot about what mormons believe and he said that he would send missionaries to her when she moved to talk to her and pray for her and she said okay! as we were talking to Judy, she said that she believed all this happened because God was punishing her for all the bad things in her life. Sister Fletcher and I started Testifying to her that is not the reason and that her Heavenly Father is there for her and loves her so much, and that one day she will get to see her son again. she started crying and she knew that this was true.
we also recieved two couples that we are teaching and they are awesome! They are just like Joseph Smith and are really trying to find out which church is true!
Tomorrow we have a baptism for this sweet girl named Jadelyn. she is 13 and she is so ready to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized! The Sisters before us taught her most of the lessons so we didn't have to teach her much. she is so awesome and i am really excited for her!
i am so thankful that i get to stay in this area for at least six more weeks. i feel like this is every missionaries dream area because we are finding and teaching so much (not baptizing much yet though) haha but we are working on it! i am so thankful for members who share the gospel with their friends so we can teach them and i am so thankful for the peace the gospel brings to us. i love that we know that when someone we love passes away, we will see them again and we can be with them forever!
hope everyone is doing so great! i love you all!
Love, Sister Lindmeir

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