Monday, June 16, 2014

Hey family!!!!!!Elder Lindmeir

IT sounds like you all had a great week!!!! and dad it sounds like you had an amazing fathers day hopefully! and im sorry I haven't wrote you yet ill get to it, but don't let that bother you because I dident forget! I just haven't had the time. I cant believe how much work we do. I LOVE IT!!!!!! we are constantly going from one place to the other calling people left and right and before you know it its already time to go in, and as soon as you think you have thirty minutes to get ready for bed you spend all that time calling other missionaries and getting numbers its the greatest!!!! and the lord is so merciful!!! he blesses us more than I have ever been!!!!

for example we averaged out about every 100 people we talked to in Cardiff we picked up one new investigator, here we only talk to 8 people a day if we are luky!!!! no one is outside because its like 100 degrees in the dessert on indian reservations! its awesome, so now this week from talking to 60 people we picked up 3 new investigators and 10 potential investigators, so we see how merciful the lord is when you barely have anyone to talk to. I love it!

this week we gave a zone training meeting and it went amazing we tought about having quality contacts and teaching short lessons!!!!!! it has been a huge deal!!!!!! teaching short lessons have brought up our teaching as a zone from 61 lessons with investigators to 81 lessons so we see that as we teach shorter lesspms we are able to follow up with people more and we are able to meet them 5 times a week instead of 1-3 times so we seen a lot of progress as we implemented this.
now we got to talk about the cool stuff!

first off we get a referral from this lady we were talking to. when we were talking she said "I don't need help but she does! shes a prostitute!!!! she needs god not me" as she pointed to her neighbors house, so after we talked with her we went to her house, as we knocked she answered and told us to come back tomarrow and she was super sincere about it. so we came by and as we knocked again on the door she answered and she came outside were we tought her a little bit about the gospel of jesus Christ and talked about we do this because we want to be spiritually pure, as soon as we asked her a question about forgiveness she just broke down balling! and she told us hat she has made horrible mistakes, and that this has been her answer to her prayers. and soon hopefully we will be able to help her out this week.
we have had so many miracles we set 3 baptismal dates with wonderful people that are all In need of the gospel.
me and my comp are having such a blast! we are working so hard!!! I love it, and the blessings are coming!!!!! I can see them every were!
the indian reservations here are subosidly super sketch but there gold mines!!!!!! there are so many people that are prepared over there, so we have been working over there quit a bit. I have so many other stories but everything is going to a blurr when you work hard, so im going to have to write them down so I can remember.

well love you all hope you had a good week!!!
elder lindmeir

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