Monday, June 23, 2014

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Last week was a pretty rough week at the beginning. I am going to tell you all a few things that happened but don't get sad because there is good at the end! :) It seemed like every appointment we had cancelled, our investigators wouldn't call us back or they couldn't meet with us. Every less active person we tried was not home, so we ended up tracting  a whole bunch. Which we like, but it was really hard to stay motivated for hours and hours knocking on doors, and talking to people on the streets. Our investigator Molly that i told you about who was on date for baptism, like disappeared. she won't answer our calls or texts and when we stop by to see her, she won't answer the door. Then on Saturday we went to see one of our investigators named Jackie. Jackie is the Awesome! we go and see her a couple times every week trying to teach her but it is really hard because she is like hard core ADD and goes off on these tangents all the time and it is so funny! We knew that on saturday when we saw her we had to tell her that we weren't just there to be her home girls (that is what she calls us) But that we are there to help her to come unto Christ and help her fill in that void that she always tells us she feels. As we were talking to her we all just started bawling because we knew we had to drop her, but we wanted to keep teaching her because she needs the gospel! she has had the hardest life and the void she feels could be filled with the gospel! she wasn't ready yet though and it just killed Sister Allred and i because we love Jackie so much, which is so weird because we have only been in this area for 3 weeks! Agency is killer! we know that she isn't ready yet, but she will be one day.
Now for the Good stuff that makes a mission always worth it! On Sunday Sister Allred and i gave talks in church on preaching the gospel to all of our Brothers and Sisters! And they went really well!  (well i think so... almost everyone was crying during both of our talks. that is a good sign right?) :) It was cool that as we prepared this talk and gave them and i felt like the spirit was so strong with us all day!!! We talked to so many great people and we found a couple of great people who seem super interested in the gospel!!!! It was such a good day!

I feel like Heavenly Father is really trying to have Sister Allred and i rely on the Atonement more in our missionary work and when it gets hard , just have him lift us up. We are so determined this week to bring salvation to every soul and we are just going to keep our heads up and rely on him more!

I love you all! keep your heads up when life gets rough and God will lift you up!

Love, Sister Lindmeir

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