Monday, June 9, 2014

Kissed by a dog???Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Last Preparation Day we went with all the Sisters in our Zone to the Park. We played Soccer and then I tumbled a bit. I didn't realize how much I missed it till I started tumbling but it was fun. I actually don't know if it is allowed as a ;)
I feel really happy about this past week. Jennifer Bodholdt is the sweetest person EVER! She loves the Gospel and is soaking it all in like a sponge. And her boyfriend is supporting her. It is a miracle and I am so excited for the both of them. We think that the only road bumb will be to live the Law of Chastity, because they are living together and are not married.
But honestly, Jennifer has gotten us through this past week. We got dropped by 4 investigators and we are just dealing with a lot of opposition right now. Satan seems to work real hard, but not hard enough. Because we have even more great things going on.
Jennifer was sick this week and recieved a blessing. She said that she can't explain what she is feeling, but that she feels so much peace and happiness right now - definitely the Spirit that she is feeling. We did a church tour with her on Saturday and she loved every little part of it. We taught the Restoration as we did the Church Tour and we finished in the Chapel. We left the chapel and had them take some time to think and pray. They came out filled with so much joy!
Jennifer and Ed loved Church on Sunday. Jennifer was smiling the whole time. She even was taking a lot of notes. She met so many people yesterday that she  was writing their names down so that she wouldn't forget! She is great!!!
We stopped by a former investigators home, Oum. He is from Korea and is very kind. He was embarrassed that we stopped by his "humble" home. He said that he was planning on coming to church this Sunday and that we don't need to worry about teaching him, because he has already read the Book of Mormon and he knows it is true!!! What! So, we tried to explain to him that that is why we NEED to meet with him. So we will see what happens. :)
Last week at our Zone Conferance, we watched a short clip with Sarah Barrelies (not sure if I spelled that right) in it. President Riggs thinks I look like her; so now I am Sister Barrales according to my Zone.
We recieved a great new investigator this week, Stacey Fridley. She came with a friend to church a couple weeks ago and signed up on our dinner calendar. We had dinner with her last week and we started teaching her. She is nervous to learn, but also knows that this is that missing piece in her life. She has a 10 year old boy, Adam, who is just so sweet!
On Thursday night, we were walking to an appointment, when two Asian women were walking their dogs. One of the dogs went out of control and the women fell on the cement. We went over to go help. The women was crying and upset, but the dogs were still going crazy and she lost the leash. I went over to help her by grabbing the leash when the crazy dog attacked me!!! Okay, maybe he more like kissed me. But the dog came up and bit my lip!!! It hurt, but I just grossed out. Ughhhh!!! I spent a long time brushing my teeth that night.
We recieved our Traveling Itinerary this week! It is so crazy!! Mom, I am assuming you probably heard from Marti Arnold, but she booked my flight and everything. Her name was the info, I thought that was pretty funny.
Well, I guess I am learning on a mission that life goes on. It is sad, but time really does fly by. I think a mission has helped put that into perspective.  It has helped me to appreciate time more. Wow, our time here on earth is Soooo short! Good thing that we have Eternity :). One more transfer left, ahhh!!
Love you!!!
Sister Kiana Lindmeir

PS. Hold the mail, I am not sure if/where I am moving to!

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