Monday, June 23, 2014


whats up family?? sounds like you all had an amazing week!!! Christian and marcis reception!!! looked beautiful and THE BEARD makes it! haha love it!

this week was insane!!!!!!! to many miracles happened to us this week and I have never been humbled like this in my life God is just way to nice to us. me and elder olvera have been working so hard that when I was driving in the middle of the day I fell asleep!!!! and then I felt like I needed to wake and when I did there was a sharp turn!!!! I turned while the tires screeched and BAMB!!!!! SMASHED INTO A CAR!!! just kidding I woke up and barely made the turn, so that was a miracle, but then it gets even better!!! we are driving and we get a call from the bishop, we answer and he says there is a lady (pam) who want to talk to you so he gave us her number and we gave her a call. as we called she answeres and we start talking about her and were she has met the missionaries and then we asked when we could meet and she says " I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR A CHURCH AND I WANT TO GET BAPTIZED IN YOURS! " I pooped right then and there no question about it never thought that anything like that would ever happen to me but it did!

so the last tranfers ago I studied a lot about bashing, and I got pretty good and really was able to bash with a lot of people in Del mar, but as I did this I saw myself getting further away from the spirit so I promised myself that I would bash anymore. I have been doing really well until we went to our investigators house jessy. when we got there he invited us in like always but this time he said he was going to grab his grandma, we waited until she came and then we tought them, and during it, she was holding back and you could tell and then at the very end she starts throwing down! she said" show me in the bible were it talks about the book of Mormon! and she kept on going on and on. as I was listening I knew every scripture that I could throw back at her and also at this time I was on exchange with a new missionary! and he started to search for a scripture in his bible and I just prayed and calmed down before I did something that would get us no were and then I just bore testimony. it felt like it was 20 seconds but it was like a 5 min testimony and when I ended she said " well ill have to take a look at the book" that was a testimony builder for me that you never argue or bash or anything because facts and knowledge doesent convert someone the sprirt does.

it was an amazing week and am so greatful for all the blessing I have received and I know that this church is true and I know my savior Jesus Christ more than ever and I know only through him can I come back to our father. in the name of Jesus Christ amen!

love you all!!!!

elder lindmeir

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