Monday, June 16, 2014

Gainesville - the last sprint Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Wow, a lot of good has happened this past week! I am back in Gainesville! I both started and will finish my mission here! And I have the greatest companion - Sister Smith. I feel so blessed right now! 

It was bittersweet leaving Oak Marr with all the good that was really starting to happen there. But I love change and I was excited. Sister Kraemer will take great care of Oak Marr and I am just so excited to be in Gainesville again! 

It has been so fun to remember all that I did here over a year ago. We will be driving and I will all of a sudden remember a potential investigator or a member that lives close. Yesterday at Church, I was really grateful because I remembered people and they remembered me! I was worried that they didn't remember me...

I really do love Gainesville. And the members are so much more missionary minded. They have also progressed and it has been great to see that! 

Right now, I am kind of in my last sprint. We are striving to set high goals. We have a goal to find and teach a family who will get baptized in the next month and a half. I know it is going to happen and I am really excited. The Lord has already directed us to two great families in the past couple of nights. Miracles are happening in Gainesville. 

This morning, Sister Smith and I woke up at 6am and went for a run. I am so out of shape. We are creating a great exercise plan and I am excited! And we missionaries "gain" weight in Gainesville. So wish me luck. 

Love you all and have a great week!!!

Sister Kiana Lindmeir

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