Monday, June 23, 2014

Good ole Gainesville Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Hi Team!
Wow, so this past week was INCREDIBLE! Sister Smith and I  set some really high goals and we worked so hard to achieve them. We did a lot of finding this past week. We will continue to do that because we have a goal of finding a family that will get baptized before the end of this transfer. We know that we can do it. God blesses and helps us according to our faith - I know that is how we have been finding people.
On friday, we did a district blitz. Which means that we all came together at 4pm and prayed, then we went out to find people to teach. We had do drop some Elders off at their finding place and by the time we made it to our area, we only had 15 minutes to find. So we prayed and talked to as many people as we could. We got 3 return appointments and 2 people that we need to followup with. There was even a couple families that agreed to have us come back.
One of the people we met was Keileigh. She is 16yrs. old and such a sweetheart. We started talking to her about her hair. She has pink hair and we started to ask her questions and get to know her. She just talked and talked and we could tell that it meant a lot to her. She allowed us to come back the next day and we taught her the Plan of Salvation.  She has a hard life and doesn't have a lot of love in the home. It was so neat to see the potential that she has as she comes to realize who she is. She came to church yesterday and she said she felt "different". We have a lesson with her tonight in a members home and we will be doing Family Home Evening. We will be talking to her about the Spirit and I am excited! We are planning to teach Keileigh's whole family soon!
I had an exchange with Sister Patten this week and she is such a sweetheart! It was really great! I was in Warrenton, but I felt like I was in a different country. It is a very open, farmland kind of city. It was fun to do something new. This week I have an exchange with Sister Hills and I am really excited. It will be like the good old days in Rolling Valley. 
Yesterday, we went to a family that I taught when I was here. I had developed a close relationship with them, but I think missionaries lost their trust soon afterward. We knocked on their door and they said they were too busy. But then they saw me and let us right in. It was a happy reunion and they are so excited to have us come back over. They still remember the scotch a roos I made them last year and they love them. I am going to make them for Jon and Carrie again! Hopefully they will soften up their heart again.
Lots of miracles in Gainesville and I am so happy to be back. I am so grateful for a loving God that knew I needed to come back to Gainesville!!
Love you all!

Sister Kiana Lindmeir

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Dad accidently running into Sister Lindmeir in D.C.

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