Monday, June 9, 2014

Valley Center... Sketch!!!Elder Lindmeir

I got my new area!!!! Valley Center!!!~! it probably is the best area in the mission for a few reasons! 1 f them is because its the biggest area in the mission!!!!!!!!! form the two smallest ones I get the biggest one it talks over an hour to get to one side to the other in a car!!!!! second reason, its farmland/dessert!!!!! third reason we get to go off roading in the mountains to get to peoples houses! and lastly we drive a truck!!!! a 2014 Nissan Frontier. its pretty mean not going to lie.

so my new comp is elder olvera, and he is a Spanish missionary!!!! woot woot!!!! and we cover all of Spanish all English and all YSA, so anything that's moving we teach!!!! its awesome! right now we are so blessed because there is so much work here I didn't even know that was possible!! our whole day we only go by investigators, its honestly a huge blessing, and not only that but a humbling experience, as I they called my name to my new area they gave me another leadership calling to oversee some more missionaries and I am sure blessed and excited to do so. I was surprised on how much work we actually do now, this week I think we ate lunch 1 time and yesterday we realized we hadn't eaten anything until about 7 o'clock. I am lucky enough to be able to work with my new comp elder Olvera he is known for the hardest working missionary in the mission, not going to lie, they weren't messing around and we get work done!!!! I love the area! I love the missionaries we get to work with and I love my comp!!!!!!! were going to baptize the world these couple transfers we have together! our goal for the next 4 months as a mission is a 111 baptisms I know as a mission we can do this so just keep us in your prayers and it will all work out!

story for the week, we are driving and decide to go to a members house and elder olvera didn't say exactly were he lived and so we go off roading on this ranch ( dad the riding here would be amazing by the way) and on this ranch we start to pull up to these big rocks and he tells me to park and so I do, and we get out and we start walking to this rock and all the sudden I see a that there has been someone living here, he had made a house in this rock, there is no running water or anything but honestly its not bad...... but when I met this Hispanic man he was the cutest man I've ever met just the biggest smile and so happy even though hes living in a rock!!! the people here are so nice and the work here is amazing!!!

there are so many things that have happened and not very much time to explain it but we had a baptism yesterday with Demetri and it was a last minute baptism so we ran to the church building and set everything up, I was in charge of the chairs and the room while elder olvera did the font and the program and by the time the baptism started everyone sat down and we started until I realized this was a Spanish baptism but I had only put out the English hymn books, and this church didn't have any Spanish hymn books so in the middle of the baptism I grab a Spanish missionaries hymn book and I run to go make copies and what do you know!! there is no paper!!!! so we had to rip out Linded paper fro ma book and print it onto it and then we printed it off, it was so much fun and it all worked out but ii still think that was the most sketchy baptism anyone will ever see but it doesn't matter the spirit was so strong I actually got up and bore my testimony in front of all the Spanish people, even though they probably couldn't understand me the spirit was there.

it has been such a great week and I am so excited to work hard and give it all up to god! love you all enjoy this week and hear from you next week!!!!!
elder lindmeir

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