Monday, June 16, 2014

JELLO LEGS!!!!Sister Waverli Lindmeir

I am so out of shape! Earlier today me and my companion thought it would be really fun for p-day to go on a bike ride and check out a little bit of Wenatchee. The Tveten's(The family that we live with) said we should go on this bike trail that loops around part of the Columbia river. It sounded way fun and so we set off! it was two miles down hill to get to the loop and i was thinking that it was going to be a really easy trail like the legacy trail in Utah. Well it wasn't... there were so many up hills twists and curves i thought i was going to die! Who new you could get so out of shape of just being out 10 months! I felt really bad for my companion Sister Allred because she had to wait up for me a lot. She is a tri-athlete but she has only been out for a few weeks, i think when she has been out 10 months too, she will be as out of shape as me haha :)
I am so grateful for Sister Allred though! I have never had a companion who likes to work as hard as i do. We have seen so many miracles the past week from all of our hard work! here are just a couple of great things that happened:

We have been tracting a lot lately trying to find people to teach. On thursday we had 15 minutes before we had to go to an appointment and we were tracting on our favorite street called Utah Street. :)  And the third door we knock on this sweet girl named molly answers the door and we tell her who we are and about the message we share and she lets us in right away! we teach her the restoration and we leave her with the book of mormon and 3 nephi 11 to read until we come back in two days. When we came back two days later she had read the chapter we left her with and she said that she loved it so much and that she really has a desire to know if Christ really appeared to the people in the America's. Molly Is super sweet and really pure. she is really open to learning more and she just wants to follow Gods commandments. Molly has been really prepared for the Gospel and she is on date for baptism on July 12th! 

Heavenly Father led us to another person who is really prepared to just like Molly! His Name is Justin and he just really desires to be with his family for eternity and his wives, dads whole side of the family are members of the church! we can't wait to start teaching him more.

Now are you all ready for the craziest story ever?!!!!  So 6 months ago Sister Fletcher and i when we were serving in East Wenatchee tracted into this lady named Sarah and we started teaching her the gospel. Last week we got a refferral from somebody in our ward to go see this lady named sarah plute whose son was in the scout program. We knocked on her door and Sarah Answers the door and it was the Same Sarah that i was teaching in my last area!!!!! She had moved apparently right after i left East Wenatchee. It was such a wonderful suprize and i know that the Lords hands are really in every phase of the work.

I am very grateful that the Lord has been blessing us so much in this area already. Being doubled into an area can sometimes be really hard but God has been blessing us so much that all the good out ways the bad! i have seen so many miracles and i can't wait to help this small ward that we are serving in. I can't wait to help build it up! They all love missionary work so much and have so much faith! We have seen so how so many times throughout the day when the lord literally puts his hands in this work and shows us so many miracles that i often find myself it tears filled with gratitude because of the blessings that the Lord is giving us. I just Love being a missionary!

I encourage all of you to take a few minutes when your in bed right before you fall asleep to think and ponder about how the Lords hands have been in your life that day. I know that as you do this, you are going be so much more grateful and you can see that God really does exist and that he loves you all so much because we are literally all his children! I love you all and have a great week!

Love, Sister Lindmeir

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