Monday, July 14, 2014

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

The funniest thing in the world happened last week! so we go to district meeting and we are looking at our key indicators which are the numbers of lessons and such that we get each week. We look and see that the district had invited 36 people to be baptized in one week. Sister Allred and i hadn't invited anyone to be baptized that week so we were just amazed that the other two companionships in the district invited 36 people to be baptized! We were just in awww and we were like how did you Elders do that?! they were like ya whatever sisters you did 30 of those, you teach us! but we didn't even do one! apparently when we were giving our key indicators over the phone to our district leader he heard 30 instead of 0. So then after we told him we had ZERO, he tells the zone leaders that we had 30 and they were freaking out and so they call the assistants to the President and say "guess how many baptism invites the Castlerock Sisters extended this week?!!" they started with 5 and just kept going up! they get to 30 and they are just freaking out and are so amazed that they get President and Sister Ware on the phone too! they were dying, with excitement, thinking we were all pro! We felt so bad for the miscommunication, we had the zone leaders call and tell them the truth but Sister Allred and i were giggling all day about it haha :)
We met some really great people to last week! like one of the people we met walking around was awesome, loving God and all and then he starts talking about Greys and Jerconiams which are alien like human creatures, that are green and scaly that sneak around all over the place eating people and creepy things like that. Good thing though he said that i have never been visited before by one, by the look in my eyes. Poor Sister Allred though, he said that she has been visited before. Yikes! he was pretty cool but i don't well be visiting him again. 

Yesterday i walked into church and i see Ron and Dresdyn Briscoe, a less active couple that me and Sister Fletcher taught in East Wenatchee. I couldn't believe it! i was soooo excited! i ran up to dresdyn and gave her the Biggest hug and gave Ron the best handshake one could give! they both are so sneaky, but they suprized me soooooooo good! It was the best day ever! Ron and Dresdyn just got sealed in the temple 3 weeks ago. Ron Says it is because of me and Sister Fletcher that he made it finally to the temple and help him overcome his coffee addiction, but it definately wasn't. I am very grateful though for Heavenly Father for letting me be a part of their lives. It is so cool to see how far they have come in Just 7 months. 

I am forever grateful for the tender mercies that Heavenly Father gives us each day. whenever i feel sad because our investigators don't want to learn more, or when people reject us, the Lord always blesses us with a tender mercy. I love my mission so much! i love the people we meet each day and they crazy things that happen to us each week! a mission is never boring and i love it!

Good news, transfer calls were last week and i am not getting transferred! i am so happy because Sister Allred and i have Been working really hard and i know that God is going to bless us with mighty miracles this transfer and help build up the small but amazing Castlerock ward!
I love you all! have a good week!

Love Sister Lindmeir

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