Monday, April 14, 2014

missionary life! Elder Lindmeir

It sounds like everyone is doing great! loving life, and preparing for weddings.... so weird still haha but im excited you should make full on cut outs of us and take pictures with us at the wedding haha. and dad your not the only one wanting to go riding, so when i get back we should go for like a whole week straight! just the boys that would be cool. ( no offense mom love you too!!!)
this week was a very enlightening week, on Friday we went by our investigators home (Kelly) and when we walked up to the door her boyfriend Paul (which is a less active member) walks out with a beer in his hand and right off the bat we could just feel it something was wrong. Paul told us that he was drinking and previously to this him and Kelly had been going to AA meeting to become sober they were both around 120 days, and Kelly was going to be baptised on the 19th. so we walk in and we see Kelly on the couch just hammered! like i was scared,she looked like a possessed zombie, and then Paul is just so drunk he doesn't know whats going on and hes just starts talking about politics and how we are getting taken over by the government, them we hear a screaming/crying voice from the bathroom and we run over there and it was sage (Kelly daughter) she is only 12 and she is crying and screaming because Kelly promised she would never drink again, and it goes on and on. so we calmed sage down and took her outside and played soccer, while i went and calmed Paul down and just listened to him, Paul has had a really hard life and he is one of the happiest and nicest people i have ever met and just to see him in the state he was, was just insane he was just a totally different person. so that night was really tough but at the same time it was a blessing because we calmed sage down and taught her about the Restoration and about how god loves her and how she is a daughter of god. then she asked us if we could come back in the morning around 10 so we did. during this time we went over and they acted like nothing happened, so we kinda through down a little, until they opened up and told us why they drank and all that stuff, then we started teaching about Jesus Christ and the atonement and it was one of those lessons were the spirit is so strong it feels like your whole body is on fire! and then we talked about the only way to let this behind us is to ask god for forviness and then we all got on our knees and prayed and asked, the spirit was so strong i mean you couldn't deny it, so it was a blessing for them to have that trial so that they could understand the spirit more and about the atonement. as we finished the lesson, we stood up and asked them were the rest of there beers were and we took them and had some fun with them haha, we through them into the dumpsters as they exploded it was a blast haha.
then since this week was spring break we ran with Andrew miller ( the runner ) so i trained him since i cant run at the moment. theres a track close by to our house and man it was so fun to be a coach training this kid, and he did really well and it was a blast, hes going through a hard time at school he get bullied and he says he has no Friends and so were trying to help him get on the track and cross country team as this time, hes a really great kid, and we are teaching his mom, and she came to church on Sunday!!! we were so stoked to see them and there mom there it was so good to see the whole family go.
this week also we went by a inactive member and he is like the definition of a beach bum, but hes pretty wealthy and has a family, and he does is surf and work, we got to know him by offering service because we noticed he had cut some trees down and there were still a bunch of wood laying on the ground. he was s stoked that we could help him out. so he rented a log splitter and we had some fun, there was so much wood it took us like 6 hours and we still weren't done, but he really appreciated it and so did we. we invited him to church and he said he will think about it hes really open about it and you can tell he wants to come back, the rest of his family are non members!!!!!! so with some prayers hopefully we can pick them up soon.
something that we are trying to work on at this time is using members more. we have been taking at least 1 member out with us for about 2 hours a day, and from doing this just in the last week we have been able to see so many miracles and to be able to find alot more potentials so work is going great here I'm loving it!! well love you all hope you have a good week!!!!

elder lindmeir

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