Monday, April 21, 2014

Mission Life! Elder Lindmeir!

hey family, sounds like you are all having a great week!!! im pretty sure that car that you sent me a picture of shivani is worth millions, that's pretty cool. i cant believe grandma is coming home soon and i forgot but how much time does kiana have? its weird to think that in 3 month ill be half way done! i need to step it up haha it goes by way to fast!!
this week has been an amazing week and kind of sad because elder rivers is leaving and then tomorrow i find out who i get put with, hope hes a weirdo and a hard worker if hes that we will get along just great. me and elder rivers were really able to work really well with each other and this area, the hardest part about the area is finding those people that are prepared and ready to except the gospel, but its all coming together. we had some really cool experiences this week that really helped us out to become better missionaries!
first off since we knew that elder rivers was leaving i called the assistants to get permission to drive instead of elder rivers because i need to learn the area better and so i got permission and it was about 9:00 at night and i am driving and i stop at this red light and when it turns green i start debating whether i go straight or left, so as i pull up i stutter on the brakes still debating and then i decide to go straight and as soon as we pull forward to go through the green light a huge black truck comes flying down the hill that we were going across and missed us probably by 3 feet. i seriously just saw our lives flash before us this truck was going close to 50 miles an hour. and all i know is that if i hadn't switched to be the driver, rivers would have gone straight and it would have been bad, but i know with out a doubt that we were protected. it was pretty insane! but a really cool story to share. hope i didn't scare you guys to much haha.
so on a happier note we have been teaching up a storm, we are teaching more lessons than i ever had and its a huge blessing. elder Ballard came to our mission and we had him talk to us about how we can increase our missionary efforts by teaching. it was beneficial to us because we realised that we need to teach more to there understanding and that as we teach the lessons we need to make sure that they believe in each point before we move on to the next, and it really was a great blessing to hear from him and to be able to increase this work here in this mission.
well i love you all! and keep it up! see you all soon in 20 days!!!
elder lindmeir

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