Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Easter!Sister Kiana Lindmeir

Hi Friends!
There is so much to talk about; this week was amazing! It was particularly amazing because spring is definitely here...finally! Yesterday was the first day I took off the tights!!!!
We had two exchanges this week! Sister Egbert from Vienna Ward worked with me in Oakmarr. We ran from appointment to appointment and it was great! We even met two women with their dogs in front of their house between appointments. we talked to them about what we do and tried to give them a Book of Mormon. They wouldn't take it, but then we testified boldly and one of the women said right before we left, "actually, can I take one of those books?" and we were like "Of Course". It was great and we will be following up soon!
Second exchange was with Sister Akin in Herndon! We went to a couple appointments and then we checked on a few people. At one point, we were driving and it was at night time. It was in this little neighborhood and there was this group of men staring us down in the car. We turned around so quickly and drove away! It was a bit terrifying! Sorry mom if that is scary for you!
We had interviews with President Riggs this week and they were amazing! I had a couple questions about the Priesthood and President Riggs answered them perfectly! I feel the Spirit every time I am around him; He is going to be a general authority someday! President Riggs also double checked to see if my departure date is the same and it is. I was hoping for an extra transfer, but no luck!
President Uchtdorf came to Church on Sunday! Elder Faust's son and his family are in our ward, so General Authorities often come to the Oakmarr ward! It was so neat to have him there! The Spirit was so strong and I was so grateful for that opportunity! I even shook his hand and then talked to Sister Uchtdorf for a minute! I told her that my grandpa is from Heppenheim and she got very excited and she said that is close to where she is from! She said that it is beautiful there!
President Riggs has received revelation and feels strongly that the missionaries teach the members the missionary discussions, so we have been doing that the past few months. We taught the Yost's in our ward the Plan of Salvation a few weeks ago and it was great! She started talking to one of her neighbors recently and her neighbor was struggling because she just lost a loved one. Sister Yost was able to teach her parts of the Plan of Salvation and share her testimony. I love the promise from President Eyring that say's that "The Lord will put people in the path of his prepared servants who want to share the Gospel". Because Sister Yost was prepared and she had a desire, she was given the opportunity!
So this week is especially exciting because we are celebrating Christ's last week on earth. The Church is celebrating Christ Resurrection to the whole world. I have posted something on facebook and I invite you to share this with everyone on facebook using #becauseofhim . It will be the best thing ever! I am so grateful to know that Christ lives, he loves us and that #becauseofhim I can be happy FOREVER!!!! Love you all!!!
Love, Sister Lindmeir


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