Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Mission! Elder Marcus Lindmeir

 i am trippin out right now... from what you told me ha ha, my brain is whacked out right now it seems to me that you are just messing around, because i never thought that day would come.....????
ill try to stay focused in this letter to you all. well this week was a great week like always, days are just flying by i cant believe Ive been out almost 9 months, like what the??? that's crazy talk, but its great to see that what we have been able to accomplish in a short 9 months. me and elder rivers have been just loving it, we are working hard and getting the job done! we have learned how to really work hard hard and enjoy it, and our conversation is more focused on the gospel, and that's something that has really helped us stay more focused in the work. elder rivers will be leaving on the 22nd so we are trying to get everything done as fast as possible, the only thing that is holding us back is me not memorizing the area. but i know it will all work out in the end.
general conference was amazing!!!! i made it a goal before the session to wright down questions i have about the gospel that maybe i hadn't gotten the answer as i wanted to, and i wanted to see if they would be answered. and within just the Saturday session all my questions were answered without a doubt and i realised and took to heart alot of the things i learned.
one thing i learned was not to take the covenants we made in the temple for granted, these covenants are what should give us a firm knowledge and a hope what to expect in the next life. they are the reason why we choose to do good over bad, and we need to look at them in such a way.
my favorite talk on general conference was from Robert D hales : he said something that will haunt me for the rest of my life, but its a good haunting ha ha, he asked us a question, "why do we sin" and he goes on to say and to answer with "we sin because we love Satan more than God" ouch!!!! that hurt, but its so true and now in that perspective i hope i can say i loved god more than Satan.
all the talks we really bold in there invitations to do better and i loved that. there were alot of other talks that just really touched me but i don't got time to share ha ha.
there is one story i would like to share with you all though.
yesterday we went by this family who has been meeting with the missionaries for about a year but the problem is, most of the time we cant share a message or it becomes kind of a debate, but we decided we should visit hem and see how they were doing because we hadn't seen them in about a month. when we knocked on the door she answered and let us in, and right off the bat you could tell something was bothering her, as we talked and joked around for a little bit she told us that her and her son went camping, and while they went camping her son which is about 7 years old kept on yelling " i hate you mom" and just alot of things that really brought her down. as she opened up to us we knew it was the perfect opportunity to share a message to help her out. so we told her " we have a message that is going to help you out" and she let us share it. we turned to Alma 36, and this chapter as you all know talks about Alma the younger destroying the church and then how an angel come and rebukes him and then he has this amazing experience that changes him, but as we read this we focused on verse 17 which says" And it came to pass that as i was thus racked with torment, while i was harrowed up by the memory of my many sins, behold i remembered also to have heard my father prophesy unto the people concerning the coming of one Jesus Christ, a son of god, to atone for the sins of the world"whoops i sent it before i finished but, as we read this, we see that Alma the younger was only to change as he remembered his father talking about Jesus Christ. as parents i assume that's all you can do is to set that tone in the home so that no matter what you kid chooses to do he will always remember the example that you set in the home. as we shared this with her the spirit was so strong i mean she was balling i was balling and it was a great experience. ha ha i love the gospel.
we had a great week i love you all and i hope you enjoy hope to hear from you soon!!!
elder lindmeir

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