Monday, April 28, 2014

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Hey Everyone!
 Last week i sent out a big email to all of you and it was such a good one too! I have no idea why you all didn't get it. I am really sorry about that. The Email said it sent and when i looked today in the drafts instead of having everything being there that i wrote down, it was just a blank draft with all your names on it and lasts weeks date. I know i am bad with computers but my companion saw me send the email to all of you last week and for some reason you all just didn't get it! I really hope you get this one because last week was amazing!

Since you didn't get my email from last week i will summarize what happened briefly. Bill got baptized on saturday and it was the coolest experience in the world. when he came up out of the water, he was crying so hard! he was so touched by the spirit and he said that he has never felt so good in his life! It was the coolest thing to see because Bill is sooo big and tough looking but really he is just a big softy. Easter was so amazing too! we were able to share wonderful messages about Christ to a ton of people and our investigators who didn't have any family to spend Easter with! It made the day wonderful! We also ate dinner with our ward mission leader and his family and their little girl was sitting on the moms lap and we were just enjoying a delicious piece of cake and all of a sudden, the little girl threw up everywhere!!! It was so funny! It was definitely an Easter week i will never forget! :)

Now to the amazing things that happened last week! Last Week i felt like Ammon and i just wanted to boast in my God all day everyday because of the Joy that i felt! so many miracles happened! We were tracking on wednesday and we ran into a girl named Kayla and she seemed pretty interested in what we were saying so we invited her to a church tour on thursday. On Thursday she came to the church and we started talking and she ended up telling us her whole life story. And oh my goodness i am so blessed to have the family i do! She told us that her mom was crazy and she had to be put in foster care, she was there for a few years and then her grandma decided to take her in, but her grandma was mean to her and verbally abusive. She said that She didn't eat at her Grandmas because she couldn't and so she lost so much weight that she has had to hospitalized twice. She said that she has tried to commit suicide a few times too. While she was talking she kept telling us that she just wants to know why she is still here and what her purpose is in life. Sister Standing and i were like bawling when she was telling us about her life and we are so grateful that the Lord led us to her because we know that the gospel will be able to help her feel so much more peace in her life, and let her know that she is not alone and that the Savior has been through everything that she has.

We had a whole bunch of great lessons with our investigators last week too! We talked about temples and eternal marriage with Mandy and Jarrad, they are currently both praying about a baptism day, and are picking out the temple that they want to be sealed in. Mary who has been taking the lessons for two years is praying that the Lord will help take away her fear of being baptized and choose a day. Bill, our recent convert is doing amazing! The last lesson we had with him, he just kept crying and he said that he is so sorry, but whenever we talk about anything spiritual he is brought to tears because he feels the Gift of the Holy Ghost so strongly! It is wonderful!

It is really amazing that i have been able to stay in this area so long! I love Seeing the change in the people we see and the people we teach. I love Being able to be part of helping people build their faith in Jesus Christ. Seeing how much happier they are and how much the Gospel has already made their lives better. I love the Joy that i feel that comes with Serving the Lord! I love the Miracles that we see each day as we follow the spirit and i love being a Missionary! :)

Love, Sister Lindmeir

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