Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day! Sister Waverli Lindmeir

I don't know about where you are all at but it has been sooo nice and sunny for the past week! Sister Standing and I were out talking to people for only three hours the other day and we both got super sun burnt! Don't worry mom and dad, i will make sure my companion wears sunscreen ;)
Do you all remember our Investigator Bill Williams that we have been teaching for a while? Well he is getting Baptized this weekend! We went over last week to Bills house and we went over the Baptism Questions with Bill and he Didn't want to answer the Questions because right before i came, the other sisters had already went over them with him and so he didn't want to do them again, but that was over 10 weeks ago so Sister Standing and i were a little worried because we didn't know if he really was ready to be baptized. So we asked Bill why do you want to get Baptized? This is what he said: " It is kind of a selfish reason but i know that if i have enough faith, the Lord will help heal my back. Whether by it healing completely, or just by having the strength to do the things that he wants me to do."(Bill has a horrible back, he got injured in the marines and had back surgery and they accidently cut a cord in his back that has really limited his movement. He can"t sit in church for more than an hour. he can't walk very well, he has to use a cane, and he sits in this chair at home almost all day, every day, he even has to sleep in this chair it is really sad because he is only 50 years old too.) We also asked Bill how has your Faith grown since the missionaries have been teaching him? he told us that he has felt it grow so much and that the day that the sisters found him 9 months ago was on a really hard day because he had just lost his dog. They shared a message with him and he felt the spirit so strongly. Missionaries have been teaching him since. He also said that he cannot deny the truthfulness of the church because of the way he feels every single time we come and teach him and every time he reads the book of mormon, and comes to church. It is so cool! Bill is so excited and he is going to get baptized in a pool instead of a baptisimal font because he is so big and they are going to baptize him forward instead of backwards which is going to be awesome!
We are really Excited for Bill this weekend! we have been praying a lot that his faith WILL make him whole and we know that all things are possible through our Savior Jesus Christ! And we can't wait to see what happens! His faith is sooo strong!

Things are soooo good in Yakima! i love being a missionary because you get to see the change that people go through and you get to see their faith grow in our Savior Jesus Christ. it makes you so happy! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter when you can think more about out wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ and the amazing Gifts that he has given us!

I love you all! Love, Sister Lindmeir

Ps funny story i went downstairs at night to grab something and i see tons of bubbles spurting out of the dishwasher and they were all over the floor!!!! i tell sister Standing to come downstairs and she says oh no!!! not again!!! she accidently put dish washing soap into the dish washer instead of Dish washer soap. it was soooooo funny and she actually did it once before. it took a while to clean up but it was the funniest thing i have ever seen! :)

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