Monday, October 6, 2014


transfers came!!!! and my companion is leaving after 4 and a half months together... its always sad to see a comp go when you work so good with each other but hey I am so stoked to get a new companion!!!!!! we are actually having transfers at the movie theater and we are going to watch the movie " MEET THE MORMONS " woot woot we get to watch it tomorrow even before it comes out! so I am totally going to take a nap during that movie. I think I might be sleep deprived haha honestly my eyes literally fall from my face. but its all part of this great experience!!! and I love it. I think so far in my mission were I can say this is the hardest thing that I think will come in my path, I sure hope not, because it really has been able to strengthen me and build some more character, but honestly the mission is the hardest thing I have ever doneX100 haha put its so great to see because when something bad is happening or when you need to get something done or your on deadlines or you disappoint members and non members its so amazing to see and feel happy. I honestly can tell you I have only gotten mad 1 time since I have been on my mission and no matter what comes our way we know we can tackle it, and be positive about it. not last sunday but the sunday before that we were struggling to find new investigators and that day I fasted and prayed and when we went to church on sunday we told our ward mission leader that we need to find new people to teach and that we need his help and as we are talking we get a knock on the door, and sister Marler peeps in her head and says " hey we have a non member  walk into church with three little kids " as soon as she said that we got up laughing and gave her a church tour and she bore her testimony and on Monday we tought her, and set a baptismal date on the 11th in 5days. we have met with her everyday this week and she has gotten her spiritual manifestation that the book of Mormon is true, she knows that Thomsas S Monson is a prophet of god just by listening to him speak yesterday. The most amazing thing about this woman is shes about 30 years old with 3 little kids, has been struggling for months, Finacially mentally physically and I have never seen someone so positive about everything. she makes time to read her scriptures, and to pray and to come to church. you know the lord prepares people when they are like this. and there everywhere we just all need to open our eyes a little more and look for them. she told us that she loves the gospel that we are teaching her and that she loves the members and she said I cant wait to become a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. we are so blessed to teach her right now so if you have the chance just pray for her, her name is Tuniel.

so one of our recent converts got himself into Anti Mormon garbage, and it was so funny because he had a huge lists of concerns and we told him we will go through each one and answer them and I kid you not all of them were answered after about an hour ( wich was the biggest waist of time ) but he needed them to be answered and it came down to him that he kept on saying that there is no evidence that the book of Mormon is real. and I was just thinking to myself and I was just ready to show him all of the evidences that it was real. and it got me thinking that there would be literaly 0 point in sharing with him all the evidences of the book of Mormon. because even if we were to share it with him it would defeat the purpose of building faith, and especially building faith in Christ. In all of the so called " evidences" he found it was the little things and wasn't focusing on the big picture that the question is " Does the book of Mormon bring you closer to Christ? " and he answered yes. and all the other garbage out there is from man and not by god. and so it made me think about am I focusing on all the other little things or just Christ. that's just a thought. well it was a great week honestly I am so pumped to get my new companion and to keep seeing the lords miracles in our path!!!! love you all!!!!
elder lindmeir

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