Monday, October 6, 2014

Lessons to be learned Sister Lindmeir

Hey Everybody!
Let me just start off saying that people need what we have, and that the Lord is preparing people! A couple of weeks ago a guy in the YSA  invited a girl named Kelly to the branch. Kelly came and she enjoyed it very much! She used to be catholic but something in her life changed and she turned away from God and all his teachings as a teenager. She is very open and accepted a copy of the book of Mormon. We left her with 0NE Chapter to read. We met with her the Friday Following the Sunday and we asked her how her reading went. She started apologizing to us and she was like, I have been so busy with work, school, and my plays that I am in that I have only read a few books in the book of Mormon. I am so sorry sisters, I just wanted to be so prepared for our lesson and I couldn't finish. Sister Love and my Jaw was to the floor!!! this never happens!!! who does that?! it Was the best! we asked her if she was praying while she read, she said I have not prayed since I was a little girl. We talked about prayer and committed her to pray. She said she would.
On Sunday Kelly came to conference and afterwards we were talking to her and we asked her how her praying was going. She started to cry, she said "I have not prayed in so long and I didn't know what to say, so I just started talking to God, telling him how sorry I am about turning away from him for so many years. I was just pleading to him, to forgive me. And when I was praying it was like I was just talking to my dad. I have not been able to tell anyone or talk to anyone like I did with him and I felt so much peace." God is so real and I know he answers prayers and he truly is our Loving Heavenly Father. So many people don't know that and it is up to us to help them know that. Kelly is awesome and it is really cool to see how her life is changing already.

On Thursday we had a meeting with President Ware and he was giving us his testimony before the meeting was over and He Said " God needs us where we are, and where we are going to go" he looked straight at me and I was like NOOOOOOOOO! this means I am getting transferred but again. Sure enough transfer calls came and I am getting transferred. I was really sad about it because I just got doubled into this area with Sister Love who is the best companion I have ever had and the work here is now just exploding and I am learning so much, we are working so hard, and I have to leave again?! I kept asking myself why do I have to leave again?! This is going to be my 7th time being transferred why do I have to get transferred so much? I was really sad about it but then, In conference something that Jorge Klinbignet said in his talk really stuck out to me. He talks about 6 things we can do. the 6th thing says Except trials as part of your existence. Just expect trials, trust in the Lord and put a smile on your face and prove yourself to Heavenly Father that you can do this! haha I know I should expect trials in life sometimes I am a little whimpy and I like where I am at. I know that God has a lot of things that he wants me to learn and that's why he moves me around so much. or I am just not getting a lesson that he is trying to teach me... hopefully I get it this time haha. I have all faith and trust in the Lord though and I am excited to learn and grow some more!

Something That is super exciting though is I am getting transferred to West Richland which is the very first area that I served in! I only served there for six weeks and I always felt bad about that area because I was so shy and my companion was sick all the time that we didn't get all that I hoped to do done, and I felt like I didn't even make a difference. so I am excited to go back and make a difference and help everyone come unto Christ!

Love you all! Love Sister Lindmeir

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