Monday, October 27, 2014

Family!Elder Lindmeir

Great week like always!!! had some funny and some great wonderful experiences this week!!!!
first off it was an insane week!!!!
#1 today for zone activity we played ultimate Frisbee and you know how much I love that and on of the elder threw the Frisbee and told me to catch it in my mouth so I tried and it hit my mouth and I instantly spat out big chunk of my tooth!! haha I totally picked it up and my bottom tooth got owned and I showed the elders and they were laughing and freaking out but after a while I was smiling and they were looking for were it broke and they couldn't find it until they looked at the back of my retainer and its accually a chunk of the glue! so ill be fixing that soon this week. so no need to worry. but I know whatyour thinking why I would even try, and honestly I don't know other than I am always down to try things and my competitiveness got in the way.. so then we had orange floats after. (by the way we won )
#2 we tought the seminary the last few weeks and we got them to do a competition what class can invite most of there friends to either an activity, church, lessons, seminary, or meet the morons. and this week we showed up and gave the class you won the prize and we got like 40 people who we can go by in the future! so we are stoked!
#3 being BOLD. so I don't know what has come over me but lately I feel like something is coming over me and I am being bold to everyone. for example. we show up to a members house and its all the youth are having like a party at there house and we just walk on in and the members were like " hey whats up??? we got to go " and then as they were talking we say like 4 non member youth and we passed the members and we invited the youth to take the lessons and soon they should be!!!! that's honestly how it should be but sometimes as a missionary we get a little scared.
#4 we were able to find a family this week who are just ready! we just need to be consistent in meeting everyday. shes supper busy but if we make the time everything will work out great!! and we had or other family come to church this week for the first time ever and thay loved it and it was a huge testamony of what the church does and supports to the women of the church. we also  who we gave her a church tour. and her and her 4 kids were pumped!!! so we are excited we are going to teach her tonight!
#5 tought Lillty this week shes awesome she is a Part member family and the husband is really not active at all and wants to change and follow Christ and so we taught her about Christ and the gospel of Jesus Christ/ the restoration and she loved it and hopeful we wall set a date with her tounight also!
#6 I am supper tired right now haha so if it doesn't make sense my bad! but It was a great weka because of skylor baptism was this week and hes going to be such a great amazing example  to others.
love you all awesome week sorry so tired cant keep my eyes open. shivani love you have late b_day!!!!
elder lindmeir

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