Monday, October 13, 2014

Elder Lindmeir Mission

The mission is the best! I got my new companion and hes totally a ginger.... its pretty cool, and right now I feel like I have never been so bussy in my life! I love it!!! cant even remember the last time I had time to write in my journal ( sorry mom ) haha. but its all good because the lord is blessing us with people to teach.
Miracles for this week!!!
Met up with one of our investigators Skyler and he has been pushing off his baptismal date for a while now and by this time I had my new comp and I just told skyler right then and there you pick right now what you want to do and commit. He choose the right path and totally has been committed to make that first promise I love it!!!!!! 
since Elder Olvera left I have this enormous are and zone to take care of and my new companion has never been a zone leader or worked how we work in this area so theres a lot on my back but I love it I just work work work and trust in the lord to do the rest and laugh while doing it!!! its a great blessing to know that the lord doesn't require you to be this good at everything he just wasn't you to do your best. the lord has helped us find places /addresses of people and to find specific people in a specific area.
we met with tenille every day this week and she was able to make that step!!! within 2 weeks she was able to make this promise! the girl has some faith! and the evil one tried and tried to tell her not to do it but as she was reading alma 32 she got her answer that she needed to get baptized it 2 weeks. its amazing to see that the lord is just putting his children in our paths just ready to listen.
Saturday night came and we received a call from the bishop and he asked us to give a talk about missionary work and how it helps us become more Christ like. I was so pumped!!!! and we only had like an hour to prepare a 15 min talk! it was legit was a powerful meeting on Sunday and we got the whole ward stoked to share the gospel!

it was an amazing week learned so much and I am so greatful for all you keep up the hard work!!!!!
elder lindmeir

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