Monday, October 27, 2014

Blowing Away! Sister Lindmeir

Not only are my companions burps blowing me away but the wind is also!( don't worry everybody, my companion gave me permission to say this. She could honestly beat any guy at a burping contest! She is pretty awesome!) This weekend we were watching our members animals that we live with. When we came home saturday night it was soooo windy! we forgot that we had to take the garbages back into the garage and while we were doing it, the wind blew the lid of the garbage cans up and Sister Jessie and i almost died! we were flown/dragged around like a kite! it was pretty funny! Then the next morning Sister Jessie and i went to go feed their chickens and their turkey but the chicken coop was nowhere to be found. It had Blown away to the nieghbors yard and the chickens and turkey were just roaming around! we caught them though with some help from members in our ward. :) it is pretty windy in Richland. i might have to sew some rocks at the bottom of my skirt or just hope no one is looking when my skirt blows up. haha just kidding,  i where leggings and tights because it is getting chilly already!

So something really cool that happened is that we are teaching Kelly! I don't know if you all remember the Kelly i told you about in my emails when i was serving in Kennewick a couple of weeks ago. But she is the one that came to church with a friend and read half the book of Mormon in one week. Well Sister Love my old companion found out that she was barely on the border for being in the Richland YSA instead of the Kennewick one so i get to teach her again! she is doing so awesome! Last week at a lesson she told us that when she went to church and first started to take the lessons, she didn't just for dinner conversations. which means she just wanted to do it so when she was with her friends she could say, hey guess what, i went to church with the mormons and read that crazy book that they have, and they are just as weird as all of you say! but she told us that now it is not the case at all, she says the Book of Mormon has changed her and feels such a difference in her life. It was pretty cool! 

I went on a couple of exchanges last week and sometimes i just don't know what to do! I went on this exchange with this one Sister who is just the hardest working missionary i have ever met but she is so hard on herself it was sooooo sad. if she made one little mistake is was heart wrenching to watch! you could just see how she would just beat herself up about it, and the weird thing was it wasn't in my eyes a mistake at all. At the end of the exchange she was just bawling to me about how she does not feel good enough, and no matter how hard she tries she feels like she is not doing any good. It was so hard to watch this amazing Sister beat herself up because truly in my eyes she was doing amazing and is a fantastic missionary! she is perfectly obedient, diligent, kind, charitable and so sweet! I honestly wished that she could see herself as God sees her and everyone else also. I wasn't sure how to help her, but to help her know that she is amazing and i gave her a couple of talks to help her. 

This exchange helped me to realize how grateful i am for the atonement, because if we do our very best, Christ makes up the rest. I really do know this to be true and i hope and pray that all of you rely on Christ to help you through your weaknesses, struggles, trials, and challenges. I really know Christ can uplift us and transform us in to the people the people he wants us to be.

I love you all! Love Sister Lindmeir

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