Monday, October 20, 2014

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Thursday was the best day of mine and my companions life ever! I was having a pretty hard time earlier in the week because the last companion i had, we were just killing it together! we were perfectly obedient and we just got the work done and we saw miracles left and right and we couldn't even believe the goodness of God! My companion now is awesome but she is really slowing down because she goes home pretty soon so it has been hard trying to help her to keep going strong and finishing strong.
Thursday morning i was feeling a little down because of the lack of people we are teaching and how this area is going, and how i just want it to explode because i feel that, that is the vision that God has for us here! Thursday morning Sister Jessie and i knelt down in humble prayer, pleading that God would lead us to people that were ready for the gospel. Thursday before we went into an appointment we get a call from the Zone leaders and  they said Sisters we have the best refferal for you! The referral they had for us name is Cody and they put him on date for baptism November 15th after just one lesson! Sister Jessie and i were so excited  that we went and saw him that night. He let us in and his friend Katie, was there and she is just as interested in the Gospel as he is! Then right after that Sister Jessie and i were going to go and try contacting another refferal and when we went to go contact the refferral we met this guy named Loyd outside of her apartment. Loyd is awesome and is soooo interested in the gospel! God Blessed us with 3 new investigators within one hour! HOLY COW does God answer prayers! he is so good to us missionaries!

Sister Jessie and i are in a finding stage right now and we are really working on finding the Elect to teach. I am so pumped for this area! This area has always been a dead area and i just know that it can explode if we do everything we can God truly is a God of miracles!

Things are going really good! I know that this week is going to be so good and i just can't wait to kill it! Love Sister Lindmeir

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