Monday, October 20, 2014

Mission life!

this week has been awesome!!
worked so hard went on two exchanges with elder sckow and elder Rodriguez and had a really good time!
it was awesome we picked up a new investigator from a part member family and he's really awesome meeting with him later today!
we got all of our recent converts to prepare to go to the temple and this week we are going to have 8 RC going to do temple baptisms!!! so stoked for them!
last night for dinner me and my companion sat down and thad to come up with an idea for zone activity and this is what we cam eup with....
it was bomb we had a fog machine challenges for the missionaries punkins getting blown up and everyone was having a good time!! we made a bunch of pasta and died it green and 6 missionaries at a time had to eat the pasta with #1 carmel syrup on 1 #2 tapatio on the second #3 expired barbecue sauce. 4# tajine all over it and maple syrup. and we had a race. it was a sick activity all planed in 3 hours! haha it was awesome and the zone loved it!!!
I am really tired so sorry this is all I can say its amazing here and I love it every minute!!! the mission is the best!!!! keep it up family love you all so much!!!
elder lindmeir

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