Monday, November 3, 2014

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

I read this talk called becoming a consecrated missionary By Elder Tad R. Callister and i fell in love with it! He Shared this story in it and it just touched my heart! He Says "several weeks ago Elder Basha and Elder Meis went to finalize the baptismal plans for a man who had resolved to be baptized. to their great dismay, he made a 180 degree turn about and decided that he was no longer interested in the church. they did their best to appeal to his spiritual inclinations, reminding him of the time he had borne his testimony, but to no avail. no doubt they were disappointed, even discouraged, for a moment. they attended another appointment, and then returned to their bikes, only to learn that they both had been stoloen. they sought transportation on the bus, but found that there was a breakdown in the transit system, and thus they needed to walk home. But this was not the end of their troubles. Elder Meis felt a severe pain across his Chest, which was later discovered to be shingles, a terribly painful disease. At the end of that fateful day, we saw Elder Basha and Elder Meis. They had a smile from ear to ear. They related to us the story and then, with their shining countenances that can never be dimmed, they said, "But we're happy, because we know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true."

WOW! Isn't that amazing?!!!! when i read that i just really thought how pathetic i am and how discouraged i get sometimes. But i really shouldn't because we are so lucky to have the Gospel and how lucky are we that we get to be his missionaries and share it with the world! This story is something that i really want to apply in my missionary work and in my whole life a lot more. 

This story really helped me last week to turn to because a couple of things that could be discouraging happened.So last week on sunday i lost my planner which has my whole life in it and the lives of everybody we met and addresses,which is crazy because i have never lost one of my planners before. But i just brushed that off because My companion had hers so i could get our appointments from that. Then do you remember the amazing Kelly i told you about last week? were not sure what happened but she fell off the face of the planet, then Sister Jessee lost her planner also! which she has never done either! We tolde ourselves that Satin took them because there is somebody good that we need to see in their. I have really learned on my mission also that whenever something bad happens, somethings good is always awaiting around the corner and sure enough that is what happened!

I am not sure if i told you all about Joy but Joy is awesome! She is on date for baptism December 6th. It is so far away because we are trying to help her quit smoking. She started when she was 13 years old and now she is 50 trying to quit. Yesterday we fasted with her to give her strength to quit and we told her that we were going to break the fast with her at 6:30pm Sunday night. At 6;04pm she texts us and says so sorry sisters but i couldn't do it anymore and i ate some food! we were like NOOO! because we forgot to tell her that she needed to end her fast with a prayer haha....ooops! but it was okay because when we went over she said she felt really good and she really feels like God is going to give her strength to overcome it with her faith. Then We found a couple of really solid new investigators that we are going to start teaching! And we got two amazing refferals from missionaries and a bishop of a family who wants to be taught and a girl named Mo Mo who has already read half the Book of Mormon! we are so excited to meet them! 
The Lord has really been blessing us in this area and it is starting to really pick up! Loving every second of being a missionary!

Love you all! Love Sister Lindmeir

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