Monday, September 16, 2013

Sister Waverli Lindmeir's News of the week!!

This week was a really good week! alot of really cool things happened! so we have been visiting this family called the big mountains alot lately because it is a part member family and the husband has been seeing the missionaries for years but has not seen them for like six months. but every time we have stopped by he was never there. so last week we get a call from him,  and he says, sisters i want to get baptized! it was the best call we have ever heard! so we went over to his house and talked to him a little bit and we asked him why he wants to get baptized now? because he has been meeting with the missionaries for like four years. he said that before, he used to just have the missionaries over to argue with them because he thought it was fun. he also said to have a good argument though, you have to do your research. so he was researching things about the LDS church just so he could argue haha. but as he did that, he began to become really interested in the church and he really wants to be sealed to his family! which is really cool! so we have been over there already three times teaching him the lessons. he doesn't have a date when he wants to get baptized but we think it's going to be soon but we don't want to push anything on him because he still has a few concerns. We are so excited for him and his family!
we were able to meet with Orlando again last week to see how everything was going. he is still very interested and his kids are too! somehow when we were talking with them, baptism was brought up and his kids were like i want to get baptized so badly! then they asked us, can we get baptized again?? and we were like of course you can! they are catholic so they were baptized when they were babies. we invited them all to be baptized on October 26th. they said YES!!!!!!! we are really excited for them and hopefully they will be ready on that date.
On saturday, the whole Tri-Cities had a day of service going on! so all the members from the LDS church went out and cleaned up their cities. We invited Orlando to come to this and he came! he was so amazed that so many members of the church came out and cleaned up the communities. He seemed like he was really excited and he had a great time! i think this helped him really like our church alot more and he was able to meet alot of the members in our ward. Sister Young and i were assigned to clean up the sidewalks and pull a whole bunch of weeds along the street with like twenty other people. when we were pulling weeds this old man came out of his house and asked Sister Young and I if we could help him. we were like sure! he lead us  to the side of his house and there were tons of dead trees and branches just chilling there. so we pulled them out of his yard and he said thank you so much. He told us that was praying a few days earlier for someone to help him clean up his yard and then we showed up. This was awesome! we were able to tell him about us and our church. he told us he was really intersted! we invited him to the free lunch after the service project and he came! we introduced him to the missionaries that cover his area and they are going to help him out more and teach him about the Gospel! this was really cool! i really do know that Heavenly Father answers all of our prayers and he will deliver all the people who are prepared to hear the gospel into our hands. it was no coincidence that we, the missionaries happened to be weeding in front of his house and that we were assigned to weed because there were a ton of different projects we could have been assigned to. I love this Gospel so much and i love serving the people in Washington. i feel like i already love them all so much!
 Hope all is well with everyone!
Love, Sister Lindmeir

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