Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kiana's Wonderful Week

Hello Team,
I hope you are all doing great and getting back into the swing of things with school starting. I know that a lot of people have been so busy out here because school started yesterday. I still feel so blessed that we had a lot of great things happen this past week. And a lot of things that really humbled us (but it is great).
Here are some great things that have happened since last Monday:
 We stopped by his home to gave Raymond a Gospel Principles book (Which we wrapped in a brown whole foods bag) and he loved it. He then asked us a question about the priesthood. And that at that same time opened right to a chapter in the book about the Priesthood. We all just went silent and were like "Whooa, Heavenly Father loves us". It was great. I love little miracles like that :)
We had a lesson planned with a man named Paul. We had a couple from our ward come to the lesson. Well, Paul was not there so we asked the couple if there was anyone on their mind we could go and visit. Well, that thought of someone, we went to visit her and now she is our new investigator! Her name is Zenaida. It just go's to show that members have the capability to reach out to a lot more people than us missionaries.
We had a new neighbor move in right above us, Monique. She must be kind of lonely because everyday she waits outside for us to come home so she can talk to us. It is great! There are some other Sisters in our Apartment that are assigned to our apartments so they just started teaching her and everyday we get to hear all about her prayers and Book of Mormon. She loves the Gospel and it makes me so happy.  It is a great way to end each day.
My companions and I have been brainstorming some ideas on doing church tours each week for a couple hours as a way to get people comfortable with going to church and to meet new people. Have any of you tried that before or soon it done? Any ideas?
Sunday night, we were doing some street contacting. We met an Asian man who was Catholic. We started talking to him and he cut us off. He wouldn't even listen to us. We finally got to a point where I was able to share my testimony. But then he started to yell again. I put my finger to my mouth and shushed him kindly! I was just as surprised as my companions that I did that. It was so weird. But the good news is that it worked and I was able to finish my testimony before he walked away. Don't worry I won't be doing that again though...
I was asked to lead music yesterday in Zone Conference. The Zone Leaders asked through a text a few days. My companions and I started laughing about that. They texted back saying that I am tone deaf, I won't smile and I will look down the whole time. Then the Zone Leaders said they will keep me in their prayers hahah. It was pretty funny. But anyways I practiced a 6/8 song one day and thought "Oh, I won't practice it because they won't make me do it". And of Course in Conference it was that same song that I couldn't do. I could hear my companions laughing and the Zone Leader laughing at me when I found out. And sure enough I couldn't get on beat, I couldn't look up (or else I would laugh to) and I had my concentration face on. It was great haha. I almost peed my skirt after the prayer because I was laughing so hard.
Well, that is all for now. Have a great week and PLEASE be safe!
Sister Kiana Lindmeir

That is Sister Nowels, Sister Magaoay, me, Ward mission Leader and his wife (the MaCarthers), and the office Elders. It was a great day at the temple

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