Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Marcus's News!!

the first funny story i have for this week i just have to tell you, it was so awesome, we get a call from the sisters in our ward telling us there car ran out of gas. we told them to call people who could get them gas and we hung up... anyways the next day the mission president came to us and said i have to tell you a funny story, and the story was about the sisters and the sisters decided not to call anyone but to grab there all the water in the car and they put it on the ground and prayed to heavenly father and asking it to turn into gas so they put a few bottles of water in the gas tank and got in the car and it started! and the drove for about 50 feet, and then it shut down. haha i thought that was the funniest thing and now i cant even look at the sisters without busting out in laughter.
another funny story that happened this week, we had to go buy something at the grocery store so we could get quarters for the laundry place. so me and my companion bought 2 sodas. your not supposed to buy anything only on pday but we needed the quarters. anyways we drank the soda and stopped at a house the First thing the gave us was a can of soda so we drank it, next house we went to they handed us a soda. we went to 9 houses that day and in every house they gave us a can of soda and we asked for water and they still brought us soda! i haven't even been offered soda 1 in the last three weeks, so lesson learned don't buy soda!

now the serious stories, we got this investigator named victor, and i first met him on the street late at night, he was walking very fast with a cane i ran over to him and asked him if he was having a good day, he said no and we had a good conversation. long story short, some guy stole 20 bucks from him and he was going to have to starve he had no money for the week, this dude was beat up btw his arm was broken it was bulging out of his arm you could almost see the bone. anyways so he had no money and he was scared so i pulled out the book of Mormon and said i know this will help you find a peace, and if you read it, it will make your problems feel less, it went something like that. anyways he gladly took it, then i remembered a couple of days before that i found a 20 dollar bill on the ground and i picked it up no one was around, and i put it in my pocket, and then remembered and felt that 20 dollars in my pocket, i pulled it out and told him i found this money on the ground and that i knew i found it so i could give it to him. it was a great experience. anyways we made an appointment and we have been having great success with him, hes a hardcore drug addict been to jail over 10 years of his life. a member saw us go to his house and later told us to be careful because one time the swat had to come get him. but after teaching him he told us i really want to change and you can see it on his face so i asked him at the perfect time if we wants to be baptised and he said yes, the baptism will be next month but hes obviously not ready were going over 3 times a week to get him to that point and if hes not ready then we will have to move it back. its cool to see how he was a insane drug addict and now hes changing his life for the better. 

i hope that story made sense I'm a terrible speller. i love you all so much keep writing me i love to hear from all you!!!

its awesome to hear mom and dad that your all doing well, I'm excited to get that thing from you christian!!! i miss you all, dad i love what you tell us keep it up i need it!!! i love you all so much its going by fast already a month?? wow! my companion is so obedient its scary he has to smack me around when i get off topic. haha, my award is good the people are pretty cool, theres a kid that runes a 4.21 mile hes a senior this year so we talk. (I'm faster!) haha not for long though, we run everyday though its nice, I'm getting fat, mexican is so unhealthy haha, they never stop feeding you its insane!!!!!! they bring out like 20 tacos and expect you to eat all of it! o ya mom send me my nerf swords so we can fight each other! there is four of us in the room, we room with the spanish elders and there so funny. and i love that letter keep it up, ill try to send some out today. I'm learning so much its awesome. love you all so much I'm doing great love you all!!!!!

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