Monday, September 23, 2013

Marcus's Busy Week!

Wasssssupp!!!!! hey thanks for the letters mom and everyone! mom thanks for sending the nerf swords!!!!!!! I'm going to need something to get out my energy! shivani sounds like your doing so amazing!!!! I'm proud of you! (your my best Friend from the start to the end and we made it!) keep it up!!! this week was a good one! especially since i got all that candy! mom you seriously want me to get fat. but i don't mind. we are still in the same place mom until at least for another six weeks, but I'm most likely going to stay here for six months, my companion has been here for about 6 and a half and everyone before him have done the same thing. so yea! ha ha i already know like most of the people in my area its really small because the sisters took half of it. o it sucked the first time i go and ride my bike, it breaks! the gears are jacked up and the brakes are ruined i don't even know what happened, and it stinks because i cant go over there to get it fixed cause we don't have a car =( so i don't know what to do about that one. i guess the missionaries advise you not to buy from him, but its OK ill try to fix it. so this week was so successful I'll tell you the stories! Oh mom you wont have to worry about me with the gang members they love me!
hm mm, ill tell you the good ones first because i cant think of anything funny that had happened right at this moment. well alright first off we taught Adrian(the guy with the hurt back that i gave a blessing to) this would be the first discussion lesson because he is always working. anyways we brought a member with us, and this member got converted about a month ago, and he has changed so much. but during the lesson i knew that it wasn't going to go well he wanted to give the book of Mormon back, but George(the member) told him about his conversion story and with our testimonies on it, it turned out great, hes still going to read and to pray if it is true. then we taught victor again and wow hes getting baptised on Oct 12 hes such a stud, he was into so many drugs that he has these boils all over his skin caused from sharing needles and he could honestly die pretty soon because of it, but he stopped those and all he does is smoke cigs. we got him to go to church! but he has really bad anxiety so he had to leave after sacrament meeting, but wow did he love it!

so i guess if your Muslim and you convert to something else you have to tell them the dangers of doing that are, because theres a good chance that the Muslim that converts will be killed by other Muslims. we were teaching one the other day and he really loves it but then he told us that he was scared of doing pretty much because that's like a big disgrace on the Muslim church.

so elder Daniel is going home today hes in my district and he is such a stud! 

so crazy how many miracles you see everyday on the mission and theres a scripture that just hit straight in the face, like a full on backhand slap! its Ether 12:27 READ IT!!! and it will make your weaknesses not feel so weak. its hard but I'm loving it, my companion can be so annoying sometimes but you just gotta take it. 

mom thank you so much for being the best mom out there!!! honestly i miss you so much and everyone and I'm sorry i took advantage for all the things you did for me, i love you o much and im so happy for all of you and keep it up!!! o yeah its getting chilly here and we can wear sweater's that have the v necks so you can see my tie and stuff. so i would love it if you could send me a couple of them. thank you mom so much!!!! cant wait for the swords to come in!

Gabe i love you to death man, and its so weird to think because i actually miss you a TON! so keep it up and master a skill!!! i don't care what it is as long as you lovr doing it and if you master it!

dad! sounds like your busy, i cant believe how dedicated you've been to all you jobs dad I'm so proud of you! your such a great example to me and i love you so much!!!! you should hand wright me letters so i can have more time writing it than using the computers for an hour.

i love you al!!!! keep it up!!! see you in 2 !!!!

elder lindmeir

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