Monday, September 16, 2013

Marcus's adventures this week

wasssup!!!! family, awh this week was a good one, you know just sleeping in till like 2 and then relaxing till about 4 and then maybe going out and teaching a few peeps, or my homies. ya its pretty chill, sometimes we don't even do anything and just sleep or play uno. haha kidding we work our buts off!!!!!!! walking everywhere starts to take a tole on your body, ya i pretty much got like a 4 pack now.
This week we were walking down and this drunk man was following us and we stopped to talk to him, at first we said were Mormon missionaries but he thought we were deportee people he was a little scared. but he was just yell in super loud cussing and cracking jokes, it was so funny, but then he said he wanted to go to our church and i told him" you can but you cant be hung over" and after i said that he wasn't so happy about going to church, he was a funny guy and made my day at least.
There is this family I'm getting so close to, there so awesome there the callas family, all Mexican and the have a pit bull and a husky both the nicest dogs. they feed us everyday we walk past our house they bring food to us, that's probably why I'm getting fat. and the candy you gave me doesn't help, but i like it thank you. the people in my ward are awesome and it feels like home,
We were able to teach victor again this week and he really enjoyed the plan of salvation, i told you about him already but ya he went to jail has tattos all of his body, and he loved how he can be clean and glorified after death, at first it was hard to teach him about how we get resurrected with or bodies but once we taught him about it he knew it was true. Hes getting baptised in the next month.
We got a new investigator named Ramona, shes 21 likes to party smokes drinks, everyday but we have had a couple of good lessons with her and she told us after each time we teach her desire for doing those things drops and shes been slowing down on those so that's nice.
Its been a tough week though i mean we picked up 8 potential investigators but they all but one fell through. we were contacting on exchanges and we see this group of gangmenbers all chillin and smoking in a circle by there house and we walked passed them and i for some reason turned around and popped right in the middle of the circle and talked to them, they were pretty cool they all had pit bull on there leashes and everyone was really nice i was able to share some of the message and was able to give all of them our cards, and its just nice to know doesn't matter what they look like but you have to take that faith and try to get to know people before you judge.
This week was a good one and I'm so grateful for all of you and i love all you so much!!!!! Great times and memories already, mom I'll send you a letter today, sorry you can only wright on pday i guess? But got the box and the tie!!! Thank you its awesome I hope I can wear it soon! Honestly love you all so much mom love the letters you gave me and I'm so grateful for everything that you have done for me! Mom and Dad love you both with all my heart and pray for me. Gabe your a stud keep it up Shivani love you and miss you, Waverli Kiana love you both dearly! thanks for the letters!
elder lindmeir

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