Monday, September 23, 2013

Sister Kiana Lindmeir! Great lessons I have learned!

Hello Team Sister Lindmeir,
I have learned many lessons this week.
Lesson #1: If you decide to go on a mission, become Gluten free first. I am so grateful that I cannot eat gluten, because we have been bombarded with every kind of cake and cookie this week from all the members. I kind of feel bad for my companions, but I am so grateful that I cannot eat any of it :). However; these members know how to feed us so well and so I am still gaining weight :(
Lesson #2: If you decide to go to an old folks home, make sure you can sing first. We went to GreenSpring this week and we sang for about an hour. I was off in every key and I was squealing and screeching. And I just kept thinking that I am so grateful that I am singing for the people with Alzheimer's because they will forget it in a couple minutes. I don't know if the nurses will let us back next week though haha!
Lesson #3: (This is for all those men that pass the Sacrament). Make sure the Sacrament tablecloth gets washed every once in a while. We did church tours this week and the Chapel smelled so bad! It smelled like Urine and was very rotten. Turns out that it was all coming from the tablecloths that were sitting in the humid chapel. So gross. Thankfully, a kind women in my ward offered to clean them and spent SIX whole hours doing it.
Lesson #4: Faith = Miracles.  Monday through Saturday, appointments fell through, lessons did not go well, I was sick and each night we were writing zero's in our key indicator's. I was feeling defeated, frustrated, and upset. We felt like we had tried everything, but there was just nothing good happening. However; yesterday was a different day! Two of our investigators came to church, and it was great!!! One was actually not an investigator yet, but we had a lesson with him after church and he became an investigator. His name is Ahsan and he is sooo prepared; he has such a desire to learn more about the Gospel. My companions and I began to feel our faith increasing and we decided that we would find one more investigator yesterday, and we did!!! After that, we knew that if we had the faith, we could find two more investigators and that is exactly what we did. So in total yesterday, we found FOUR new investigators in just 3 hours! I then realized what made last night so different from any other day of the week. I had the faith that we could find 4 investigators. It reminded me of a scripture in Mathew 17:20. Christ said that "If ye have faith as a grain of Mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible unto you". I know that that is true!
Have the faith that you can help people come unto Christ. Have the faith this week to share your testimony with a friend, a neighbor or anyone else! I know that "The Lord will put prepared people in the path of his prepared servants". You will have the opportunity as you prepare yourself.
I love you all!!!
Sister Kiana Lindmeir

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