Monday, December 29, 2014


so i got my new greenie!!! or a mini missionary its only for 5 days and it has been insane!!!! good and bad!
so i learned quick that my mini missionary has a little anger probs.... reminded me of myself before the mission.
so i was pumped to help him over come that by putting him to WORK!!!! normally every missionary gets up at 6:30 but we get up at 5:30 so that made him mad, then we dont eat lunch, that made him mad. hahaha.
so for the first 2 days he was flustered. But now hes loving it!!!!!!! we have seen some amazing miracles!!!!
we just had all our lessons fall through and we prayed to find someone and the first door we knocked on was a 16 year old kid who 2 weeks ago we gave his older brother a book of mormon and kyle ( the little brother ) said they have been reading the book of mormon together every night!!!! like who does that?!!! its amazing!!! so we got in and tought a 15min resto and Jason the mini misisonary was just bearing hard core testamony!!!!!!!! and kyle the little brother totally accepted baptism.
then we ran over to our other investogators and set 2 more dates with them and jason was freaking out he said " i have never been so happy in my life!!!!!!!" and since that day he has never gotten mad, and some funny things have happened to him.
first story we were walking down an apartent complex when this lady comes out and asks us if we are mormon and jasons says "Yeah we are!!!!!" ( in a reallly proud and confident manner) and the lady walks to him and hocks a loogie in his ear!!!!! hahah not just a small bit but a full loogie!!! i dropped down laughing expexcting for him to scream back or do anything back but nope he laughed and what made him laugh even more was the fact that he dident get mad. as hes smiling with a loogie in his ear he says " wow that was weird im not even mad!!" haha the spirit is real!!!
there some other sweet experiences that happened but sorry family short letter today love you all!!! thatnks for everything!! love you all!
elder lindmeir

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