Monday, December 8, 2014

mission life!!!!Elder Lindmeir

This week is totally legit!!!!!!!!!
Alot of things happened, like always. but im going to have to make this email short because we have to plan a really long meeting so ill make it quick just know i love you all so much!!!!!
but the Highlights for the week!!!
we totally poicked up the awesome family this week and one of the daughters is best friends with a member in our ward and we tought the family 6 times this week and she is ready for baptism on saturday and hopefully the whole family can slowly see her example and change and prepare for baptism. there such a great family and we totally love them already the mom is like 350 pounds and she is hillarious her husband left her like a year ago and there grandpa who came in to be there father figure just passed away and it really has torn there family apart, and our ward is inviting them to activities and doing everything they can to help there family and you can see the love thats comming back into the family, becasue at first the mom wouldent even talk to s about anything and now her heart is softening and everything is doing great!!!!
tought Brian and Shanda this week and they are the most solid couple. i talked about them the other day. shanda is the member and brian is the investigator, he was the one who loved the book of mormon so much he dident even care were the gold plates were.
well anyways we tought him this week and we tought the gospel of jesus christ and as we were teaching we get to the holyghost, and shanda just starts balling, and while shes cry brian stopps us in the middle of the lesson and he says" i am feeling the spirit so strong right now that i could brake this table in half! " and he just breaks down crying it was an amazing experience and in the middle of it i just throughout the law of chasity becasue there not married and they now know they need to get married before his baptism and there stoked!!!! so they will be praying to see when they can do it. also they read everymorning for 30min and during lunch together and dinner together everyday for the last 2 weeks and they pray together and there whole life is changing!!! i could go on for days about them there just so great!!!
i love you gusy so much!!! the gospel of jesus christ is real and it only takes an experiment!
love you all!

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