Monday, January 5, 2015


hah so as you all know i broke my arm. but it was so sick!!!! so bear with me i have terrible spelling especially with one hand so sorry..... but this is the story so enjoy!!!
pday the activity was ultimate freesbee and soccer and basket ball and the whole day i was going hard like always i dont loose!!!.... thanks dad. so after winning soccer and freesbe we came to basket ball!!!!
my favorite sport as you all know and we played a little bit and then for some reason we had a dunking competition!!! and since you know i can dunk it i had to pull a chair up to do it! i attempted 2 times and just slipped off the rim and fell on the floor then on the last time i was getting pumped up!!!!! i got e. hannamen to slap me in the face three times really hard then i ran with the basketball and running and screaming i jumped off the chair dunked it!!! and to add more to the effect i decided to hold on the rim!!! and as soon as i did the momentum from the run was still moving forward and so i slipped off the rim and was falling straight down on my ead as my legs were in the air! but dont worry i made sure to stick my right arm out to take the blow!!! next thing i know it snapped my ehole zone stopped i grabbed my arm said i broke it and laughed it out. got a blessing and went straight to the emergency room st 4 oclock and got checked in and worked on at 1 in the morning haha. it was awesome!!! and while they put me under to set it back into place they put me on some crazzy druggs and e. rivers can testify to you all that the whole time i was out, i tought them everything about the book of mormon and about the restoration!! it was sick!!!!!!! got the nurses adresss and we are going to visit him soon!!!
got home around 4am and got 1 hour sleep and went to work the next day because of transfers and still i havent made up any sleeep haha im feeling it. i still cant move my fingers much but im fine. this week was bomb ill tell u all next week my laptop dies in 3 min. so love you all it was an awesome week!!!!!!!!

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