Monday, December 29, 2014

A Christmas Miracle!!!Sister Lindmeir

Christmas was so great! Sister Faulkner and I made a whole bunch of cookies and handed out to our Investigators and the people that we thought might need some. On our way to drop off some cookies, we parked across the street from a trailer Park, where perhaps we should not have parked. when we got out of the car this lady across the street said you probably shouldn't park there, we were like okay we will move but before we moved we started talking to her and she was like "oh my, i love the LDS it has the best Geneology ever" we Told her about the family history center and she was so thrilled! He name is Feonna and she is from Ireland and she has the best accent ever! Apparently people from Ireland love family history so much! She said we could come back the next day and tell her more about it and give her the address. On Friday we came back and we thought that Feonna was just interested in the family history but when we sat down she asked us if we could share a message with her. We were like oh ya! we taught Feonna the restoration and soft committed her to baptism and she accepted. We left her with 3 Nephi 11 to read which is when Jesus Christ appears to the people in the America's and teaches them. We told Feonna that we were going to be in the area on saturday and asked if it was alright if we could follow up with her reading, she said okay. we came back on saturday and Feonna was waiting for us, she let us in and there were tears in her eyes. She kept apologizing that she was crying but she couldn't help it because of the way she felt as she read the Book of Mormon. She went on and on about when Christ taught the people in the America's. She told us that when she read that chapter she said that she felt like positive energy light orbs were touching her as she read. It was an amazing lesson with her! We told Feonna that we are having a baptisimal service on january 17th and before we could even ask her to prepare herself for that date, she said "wow January 17th, i will prepare myself for that day". It was so cool!

Then yesterday Feonna came to church and she loved is so much! The whole time she was like, wow this is so fascinating and interesting! then at church she kept telling everyone how the Lord led us Girlies (thats what she calls us) to her and she told us that she thinks why she was led to move here away from Ireland was because of this! She felt such a pull to come here! Then during relief society she was making all the ladies laugh because she is hilarious and her accent is awesome! after relief society tons of the women came up to her and were like we love you so much Feonna already! we hope you come next week! She said that she will!
Feonna is a miracle! When we first met her, we would have never even thought that she was so prepared. It is so great that Heavenly Father truly puts you in the path of the prepared! Feonna is so great and we already love her so much and so does the ward!

So many miracles are happening and i am loving the work! We got transfer calls last week and i get to stay! i am so happy!!! This area is where i first began my mission life and it is going to be where i end it. i am so glad Heavenly Father let me come back and that i get to witness these miracles. I love you so much everybody and i hope that you have a great week! Love Sister Lindmeir

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