Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sister Waverli Lindmeir

Last week was such a great week! I don't have a lot of time today because we went to the temple this morning and we still have to finish all of our preparation day things. The temple was amazing though. I always love going. When you go there, there is no way that you could deny that it is the House of our Father because of it's beauty and the way that you feel when you go!

I wish i had more time to share because things are going so great but here is just one experience that just made me so happy because we were truly exactly where God wanted us to be in the very moment he needed us!  So Sister Faulkner and I were driving to an investigators house for an appointment around 7:00 at night and on our way we saw this lady crying on the side of the road. we immediatly stop roll down the window and ask her if she needs help. She said no i am good, but obviously she wasn't good. so we Jumped out of our car and went and sat by her for a minute and she told us that she was really okay, so we got up so that we could give her our number and a card and then she saw our name tag and Said "Oh my Goodness you are Missionaries!" When she knew that, she literally fell into our arms and started sobbing. She told us that she was baptized 3 years ago and that she had fallen away but wanted to start coming back. She Kept asking us how we knew she was going to be there. She was amazed that out of everybody that could have been there and stopped it was the missionaries. We told her that God led us to her. God truly loves every single one of us no matter what we have done, no mattter who we are, he loves us all the same.

Nothing fills you with more Joy then when you get to be an instrument in the Lords hands! It truly was the best day ever and we can't wait to help her to start coming back! I am filled with so much Joy that God lets me be his servant. i love serving him!

Things are going really great! We had an investigator family come to church on sunday! we were so excited! things are good! Love you all!

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