Monday, December 15, 2014

whats up the family!!!!!???

so this week was legit! but I forgot most of what happened but ill do my best to remember.
alright hmm the first thing is we had our meeting we made and totally threw down and honestly it was supper spiritual we talked about "the culture of our mission" and also on "Baptism" and on "Member work" by the end of the meeting we got all the missionaries so stoked to do member work! something that has been on my mind lately is how we can help everyone become more confident, and as I prayed about this I totally received some revelation on a practice we gave to our missionaries and it really has built them up.
"Confidence is the outward expression of ones faith"- Elder lindmeir- hahah I totally made that up isent sweet haha

ok so after an awesome day of work we get a call from elder rivers and elder bringurst telling us that they locked themselves outside there apartment, so we went to pick them up around 9:30 and we spent 30 minutes re tracing there steps to find there apartment, and couldent find them and then we go back to there apartment and there on the second story of this complex and so elder rivers climed on the wall as I pushed him up to get to up on his porch and the back door was locked and we realized that it was like a 20 foot jump he would have to make to get back down and man was he sketched! especially since the landing is next to a tree with a bunch of roots everywhere. so I looked in other people back yards and grabbed a nice pillow and a slab of carpet so he could land on. and it worked... so then by 10:40 we get to our place I give them all my bedding and I slept with a sheet on the floor. and got like 3 hours of sleep and got up at 5:30 made breakfast and then i wrote my talk for sacrament meeting, and i just knew i couldent do it alone and relied on the lord to help me and everything went awesome i wrote my talk and the spirit led everything that i said during it. it was awesome i through down on the book of Mormon and how it testifies of jesus Christ.
but the greatest thing about this week was i got a call and Roy brady got baptized! it was awesome to see that the whole family is coming together now!!!!!

the video he is the gift, is absolutely true and amazing. i know he is the gift, and there is no cure for a broken heart regret, or sadness other than through him. his Gospel heals everything. Because he is the gift we will all enjoy this Christmas.
love you all have an awesome week!!!!!!!

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