Monday, December 1, 2014

The Mission Life!!!!!

This week was legit!!! hope you all like my videos although they probobly were not as funny as before, just dident have time haaha thats funny how that works. you feel like theres no way you could work harder and smarter and then you hit a total different level of hardness. i feel thats were i am at but there deffinitly more levels for me to hit.
alrighty there was some awesome things that happened this week!!!!!!!!
we had zone activity and it was legit!!!! my comp and i totally came up with the idea that morning and we ran to home depot and totally bought like 6 poles of PVC Pipe and bought 12 bags of marshmellows!!!!!
- we went to the church after making all the guns and we set up the sickest battleground in the gym we totally used all the tables and chairs, chalk boards and everything and when you would walk in it looked like a real battle feild.
- the whole zone came we got them so stoked!!!!!!!! everyone had a blast and we had the most epic marchellow battle for like 2 hours until there were marshmellows everywhereon the ground..... and then we cleaned it all up!!!!! it was awesome.

we had another visit from elder Ballard and he is just the greatest guy! hes 86 years old and has more energy than 60% of the missionaries. hes a stud. he talked to us about leadership in the church and how it only gets harder and harder after the mission but there were a few things that really stook out to me when he was talking. he told us how he was able to deal with all of his callings he has had and especially how tiring it can be. he said the secret and he was crying as he held up a pocket size picture of jesus christ and he said " everytime i feel tired and weak i look at this picture and realise its his work, and as i get up to serve i feel him carry me every step of the way." something else he told us that i really liked was " whenever you think you cant do something or you feel weak take your mind to gethsemine and i promise if you are really want the help he will carry you.
- it was an awesome experience to have!

#3 thanksgiving!!! i hate thanksgiving haha the only reason was because all of our investigators went out of town so we had this whole week to find new people to teach wich was good but there was alot of uneccary walking but some sweet things happened. 
the other night we were walking to our car to leave an apartment complex and we see this dude sitting down next to the pool late at night and we just simply asked him if he had 10minutes to spare that we could share our message with him and he said yeah and we sat next to him. a little background on this guy hes cacasion totally white and has tattoes from chest to toes, and is a total gangster. like a real Gangster, while we were talking her turned around and stood up and whistled and started to through up some sign language but it was his own language that his gang made up. pritty sick right?? so we started to talk and he was telling us how he is trying to change his life around and he has had all these crazy experiences in his life, and especially alot of sin in his life. he told us alot of the things he has done and as he kept talking about all these things we answered his questions and tought alot of the gospel of jesus christ to help him feel like he can change and be forgiven. we tought him alot of things and at the end he is totally down to learn more buthe has some big things he needs to get over first but at the end he grabbed my companions book of mormon and started to draw in it. It was so sick he is a Gangster artist/ tattoo artist and just wrote his name and drew like 3 little doodles in his book and after her was done with his he drew in my book of mormon and in like 3 minutes he has a nice master piece. it was cool to see how much talent are in some people and becasue of bad mistakes it brings them down from there true potential.

#4 last night we had to walk everywhere because we ran out of miles to use and at around 8:20 after talking with 55people we meet this guy dustin who totlally let us teach him and he is a great guy who is just searching for the truth and so we tought him the restoration and it really helped him answer his question and it helped feel closer to god. so were totally stoked to see where this taked us.

we had some awesome miracles this week and the biggest thing was to just expect a yes from everyone and be totally stoked!!! because this is the greates message in the world. thanks for everything family love you all!!!
Elder Lidnmeir

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