Monday, December 15, 2014

Miracles! Miracles! Miracles!

Have you ever been so swollen in your heart filled with gratitude that you cant stop yourself from crying with joy? this is how i felt all week!
Miracle #1: So Friday night we had an appointment with a less active lady in our ward but she didn't answer the door but while we were waiting this lady across the street comes out of her door and so we go over and start talking to her. She let us in her house and while we were getting to know her she just started crying when she told us about her life. She has had such a hard life, and the only thing that keeps her going is her dog. She told us that she had no reason to be here and live anymore. She told us that everyday she prays that God will just take her away so that she can have happiness. It was really sad but so comforting to know how much the Gospel can help her! We invited her to church and she came and loved everything about it and even started to cry and just felt so loved! Her name is Rhonda and i just love her so much! We have just met with her a couple times since Friday but we have so much love for her because she is just the sweetest old thing ever! I know that she is somebody i knew from the premortal life!

Miracle #2: On saturday while we were tracking, we met this guy named Nathan who used to be a hardcore druggy and he even got shot in the head and should have died but he didn't! He has totally changed his life around and loves God so much! He also came to church on Sunday and loved it so much! He said that he has already put church in his calender for next week because he wants to come again.

Miracle #3: Sunday night we were going to see  Linda and Chava but they were Sick so we decided to try by their neighbors which was 8:40 at night. We knock on the neighbors door and the wife let us right in! She let us sit down and all the kids gathered around to hear what we had to say. They have 5 kids and they are the most humble family ever! they love our Savior so much! They barely have anything but they have so much faith and they know that God is going to take care of them! We shared a message about Christ with them and they said they were so excited for us to come back to teach them more!

Miracles have been pouring out upon our area! The lord led us to 11 new investigators last week and every single one of them is so solid! It has been awesome! We have been working hard and the Lord has been blessing us like crazy! I really think that it's this time of year because so many people our feeling the love of our savior and our wanting to come unto him!

I love you all! Have a great week! Oh and Family, a surprise is headed your way and should be hand delivered on Monday next week! :)

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