Monday, November 17, 2014

GETTING TRANSFERED!!!!!!!!! after 6 months!

yeah got the call there kicking me out hahaha! dang is it hard to leave an area were so much happened and such a great place were so many memories and miracles have happened..... but I am PUMPED!!!! to go into a new area and to kill it and give it everything!!!!!!! ewww im so ready!!!! this area has tought me by far the most out of any area, I have learned to be Bold, Confident and a simple teacher and to always be focused on the work so with this and everything else plus the lord great things are going to come!

honestly a lot happened this week but the biggest thing that I learned this week is just what an impact we have on peoples lives and how with the calling that we have that we are able to take control of situations and people accually listen, to 2, 20 year olds. got a couple of stories that happened this week about what im talking about.

Story #1 we heard a party going on in the trailor park and heard like a bunch of hespanics having a party so of course we decided to go and meet with them and when we get there we soon find out that theres a birthday party going on for accually one of the people we have tought before and we introduced ourselves the everyone at the family party and we ate tacos and just started to teach this whole family and half way through two more hespanics come and join in and one of them is a pastor for his church and has been to school and studying religion for 14 years!!! when he showed up theres two things we could of done. #1 be quit about sharing the gospel so we don't argue and dispute in front of the family or #2 and confidently teach and testify. we chose #2 and took over the situation and tought the pastor and he tought a little to me and we found common ground and honestly out of the 15 minutes we were there you could tell that there heart was softening and they were going to start warming up to us and the gospel. now we are teaching the younger son in the family!!!

#2 we had a dinner last night and to our surprise they had brought there entire family over and ha huge FHE and there were 6 non-members and and at first you could tell that we could of either talked about work and all there hobbies or take control teach and to testify and we really did and 2 of them are going to be taking the lessons in a different area. I love the calling we have to represent the lord!!! and all that we have and the talents we are given and the gifts that we need to obtain on the mission.

I know its a supper short email today but im half asleep so if I had misspelled something its because of that.
well family thanks for everything love you all all I will let you know were I am going!!!!!

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