Monday, November 24, 2014


Hey family so i got transfered to Vista 5th ward!!! woot woot! this area is so tiny so i am pumped to teach everyone here!!!!! ya its the best although i totally miss valley center, already.... there will always be a place in my heart for good old country valley center.
first off my new companion is elder Orgill he was my zone leader when i was a new missionarry and i looked up to him like no other so its cool to be his comp. hes pritty awesome i mean hes a boss probobly like the most spiritual man i know. a quick story about how spiritual he is. i get into the area and the # sheets for our zone are all mis placed and just supper badly organized and i was supper suprised since you know how amazing this elder was so everymorning i would wake up earlier and fix it all and study the # to decide what we should train these missionaries on and how we all together as missionaries can increas this work and after i came up with 3 ideas Elder Orgill just tells me this. " i really dont look at the # and stuff but i just pray about it, and so he did and he came up with the exact same 3 things as me. you know im glad i did the work but its cool to see what revelations the lord gives us when we are truely asking and seeking.
o yeah so my comp only has 6 weeks to before he goes home. so thats kind of funny how that worked out.
this week was full of miracles and ill tell you a couple that i remeber the best.
#1 we were driving down the road in ome apartment complexis and im driving and i see this kid walking and as were about to pass him i roll down my window to let my comp talk and we talk to him and we schedual an appointment for that night at 8 and we showed up tought him about the Restoration and he accepted to work, and repent and change his ways to follow christ!
#2 we have an investigator named Brian and wow hes a straight up boss!!! his girl freind is a member but is inactive. as we are teaching him about the restoration he just feels the spirit so strongly and just new it was true and as his girlfriend walks in he goes up to her and tells her about the book of mormon and says along the lines of " did you know that the book of mormon is the word of god from the americas?? " and he kept going on and on and his girl friend just asks him " what about your questions? like were are the gold plates?" and Brian says " well what about the 10 commandments?? i dont care, this is the evidence!" it was awesome to truely see what the excitement of the message of the restoration really gave him.
also we tought him the plan of salvation with the word of wisdom, because he drinks and smokes and drinks coffee. and this time when we are teaching him his girlfriend joined the lesson and as we tought the word of wisdom everything just clicked with him, and it was so funny because that was on sunday morning and he had a cup of coffee in his hands while we were teaching and after he heard the word of wisdom he totally commited to live it and the funniest part about it his girl friend was like " why do we have to stop drinking coffee? coffee is good for you???" and before we even answer brian says " its a commandment from god besides whats the worse thing that coukd happen? i mean when we die and god looks to judge us atleast we can say we gave up coffee for him." it was so awesome this mans faith insprires me to be believeing and to live every commandment to the fullest!
#3 this was the highlight for the week!!!! so the last week we finally got one of our members friends do go to church and he absolutly loved it!!! and the night i got transfered they tought him and he excepted to get baptized! and hes getting baptized next week!!! in 10 days he totally changed his life. and yesterday i went back to valley center for someone and i saw blake and he was so appreciative for us pushing the member to invite him to church and it was so cool tosee that awesome miracle!!!!! the work is true and it totally means the world to me to be here and to give a just a little bit of my time for people to have an eternity to enjoy ythere life. i love you alll the gospel of jesus christ is the only way to feel true happiness in this life. love you all!!!
elder lindmeir
ps i need my camera card as fast as you can love ya!!!!!!!!!!! hope you enjoyed the videos!

elder lindmeir

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