Monday, November 10, 2014

What Joy fills my heart!

The best thing ever happened this week! On friday i got a letter from Cailey Loyd. Do you all remember my friend Cailey that i ran cross country with? When i opened the letter she wrote me a thank you card and a letter. In the letter Cailey starts off saying i got baptized! At this point i was like bawling! My whole mission i have thought about Cailey often, and how much i wanted to share the gospel with her even more! six or seven months before my mission when Cailey and i ran at Simplot we had a heart to heart and Cailey told me her beliefs about God one night. I shared with her my testimony and told her how much the book of mormon has helped me in my life. I told her i would give her a book of mormon. i gave Cailey a Book of Mormon and i wrote my testimony in it a couple of days later at school. she told me she didn't have time to read it during the school year but she said she would read it in the summer. After i left on my mission i just hoped and prayed that Cailey would really read it that summer.

In Caileys letter she said that she always thought religion was something to lean on and was just to make you feel Good. A few months ago Cailey was having a hard time, and decided to read the Book of Mormon. Cailey read it and had lots of questions. one of her roomates at the U was a member and Cailey asked her lots of questions. Her friend was like you should just talk to the missionaries.  Cailey said okay and so she met with them. She told me that she really struggled with prophets and first but came to know that the church was really true. She told me how grateful she was for the light that i had when she was always around me and all the Cross Country kids! What joy fills my heart. i am so filled with grattitude!. Whenever i honestly think about it! i shed a few tears because the Gospel has already changed Caileys life. What is so cool about Caileys conversion is that pretty much the whole high school, cross country team, and all her friends helped in her conversion. It's so cool to see how our examples, the light that we have, people see it and notice it. So go out and let your light shine!

Here are some awesome miracles that happened:
miracle #1: We got a refferal to go see this girl named MoMo. We go over for a lesson and she had already read the Book of Mormon in two weeks!!!!!! Sister Jessee and i were so suprised that we looked like two giddy little kids on Christmas morning! We could not believe it! She is so awesome! she is so open and just wants to learn more about God. Her dad just got baptized and loves how much her dad has changed from the gospel and wants that for herself1

Miracle #2: we got another referral from another set of missionaries. the refferals name is Diana and the text said, she wants to come to church and she needs a ride. Sunday morning Sister Jessee and i were like lets go see her. We honestly were not expecting this text to be true. when we knocked on Diana's door, she opened it and said, the other sister missionaries said you would come and take me to church!  we found her a ride to church and she came! it was stake conference yesterday and we were worried she would not like it, but it is so cool how God inspires people to know what to say. A lot of the talks were focused on Christ and when we looked over at Diana, tears were strolling down her face. it was exactly what she needed to hear.
Diana is just awesome! after the meeting she was like, i really liked that. i want to learn more and i want some friends here! hahahahh Sister Jessee and i are just really grateful for how much this area is picking up and how God is Helping us find people to teach. He is literally handing us them and i am so grateful for other missionaries who talk to everyone!

Things are going amazing! i love you all! i love this work!

Sister Lindmeir

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