Monday, November 3, 2014

The mission is the best thing in the world!!!!!!!Elder Lindmeir



I hope I've got the right lindmeir. My name is Julie Plyler. If you are serving in the Carlsbad CA mission then I do have the right guy. You may not remember me, but I am related to Rosie Carbajal. You met with Rosie weekly to help her start coming back to church and I was there one day during your meeting. You asked me to sit in with you for the lesson. Anway, what I'm trying to say is thank you! In case you hadn't heard, I was baptized in April (Easter Sunday). Thank you so much! I'm so grateful for you and elder Board. I just wanted to let you know the work you do is amazing. My life has changed so much and I owe it to you two elders. 
As for Rosie, she has started to go to church as well. Not every Sunday but she is getting there. 

Hope everything is going well! 

Julie Plyler

I remember that day as if it was yesterday and that was about 13 months ago, me and Elder Board stayed up later than 10:00 and we could think about what we would teach Rosie ( wich is her cousin or something and she was a member) and as we were thinking and praying on what to teach Rosie we just felt super strongly to teach her the restoration and when we got there and when we were ready to sit down and have a lesson we saw Julie walk in the room and she had all her soccer gear on and as she was walking out the door we just felt to invite her to listen and so I remember we stood up and invited her as she was walking out, and then she just turns around and starts to cry. and she told us " I have been waiting for someone to ask me that, ive been waiting for so long." and then we tought her the Restoration and soon after that we gave her the the YSA sisters and now what do you know shes emailing me this.

its nothing special that I did or that my companion did, I mean at the time we were both new missionaries and we had no clue what to do, but as I look back on my mission the lord really I mean really has placed some of the greatest and wonderus miracles In my path. and if you think about just this one simple invite we gave her led to such a big change in her life, if you think about it how many people are around us who just are waiting for someone to reach out and open there mouth.

this week was legit and I am not as tired so ill write a little more. me and my comp have been getting up extra early so we can have extra time to read the book of Mormon and do the small things that we need to do so that's why im always tired now.  but this week!!!!
#1 thing that happened is after church yesterday we had both of our investigators there and we set up a lesson after church and we tought the restoraration and a little background on these kids. there in a group home either because of drugs or stealing or criminal fraud and they have been in there for the last 5 plus years because there just having such a hard time changing, until now!!!!! so when we tought the restoration they loved every minute of it and we really focused on the Apostacy because they have been through the personal Apostacy and we talked a lot about forgivness and about baptism, and these two kids are just so excited to make the next step to be baptized they have been clean for a long time now and are ready just to be free from the past. so we are stoked about them right now! its awesome to see just what a hope this is going to give them in there life for the future.
#2 trunk or treat!!!!!
it was legit we had our whole ward come out and do the trunk or treat and we met a bunch of non members and invited them all to take the lessons and most of them said " ill think about it" so that was a big step for a lot of people to see, so that was sweet!! I have a good friend in the ward! I forget his name but he has downcindrum and everytime I see him we do our bro hugs and I tell him that hes my body guard and I put my name tag on his suit and this kid just gets so happy and excited its the greatest thing in the world especially because you don't realize as a missionary how many people look up to you and not even that but what power and authority and responsibility it is to be a missionary to carry around the name of Christ. its amazing and this mission means everything to me.
#3 bussy bussy bussy, but I love everyminute of it.
family I love you all so much!!! keep it up!!! and have fun but always share what you know to be true because theres someone just waiting for you to invite.
well family peace out!!!

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